How do we learn?

FlowergirlDeb2September 7, 2002

Hi everyone! NO, I'm NOT "doing" homework, for those of you who were convinced that I waslast school year.

I did however have an assignment to answer this question I posted. We had to relate it to one of the "isms" in class, but I'm skipping that for this!:)

When in class I found some of my fellow students responses interesting, so I figured I'd see what you all have to say too!:) It took me a LONG time to actually come up with a paper, because of the vast possibilities! So, if anyone is interested, "How do we learn??"

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I find Harvard's Howard Gardner's explanations interesting. His theory explained me to me better, if that makes sense. He discusses 7 Intelligences, as he calls them. (Others have added to that list.) Spatial, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Mathematical, Kinesthetic, Musical, and Linguistic, if I remember correctly. We usually have more than one of these ways of learning in our make up, but only one or two may be the dominant.

Then there are those of us who only learn the hard way.--my son.

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We learn by doing.

For example, when you are a passenger, you rarely remember the entire route well enough to return on your own, but if you do the driving yourself, then you can easily return to that spot.

When DD was a baby, she learned textures by touching and squishing many foods as she ate. It was more than playtime, it was a science experiment in a way. *I* know what a banana feels like when squished, but a baby doesn't, and you have to let them learn somehow.

And there is always the old, tried and true, English teacher method. "You don't know how to spell it? Then go find a dictionary and look it up.."

No matter you didn't know, just by "doing" it, you'll figure it out on your own, and be more likely to commit it to memory.

So my contribution is,

We learn by doing.

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Sheliajoyce, I find Gardner's theory interesting too. I used him for a paper I did last semester upon my professors insistance! (It was HIS book!) I believe that learning styles are important, and not enough educators consider the individuality of their students. How about Dewey? Has anyone heard of bell hooks, or Nel Noddings? I'm reading bell hooks now for a paper and her theme (so far) seems to focus on love and freedom through education, and community, making learning exciting. It's very good stuff!:)

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Desire, determination, attitude, goals, and willingness are attributes which causes us to learn. This link may help.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Just remember my friend Gardenboy, there are MANY theories on learning!:)

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you should get the book The Way We Learn by cynthia tobias getat book on learning styles

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My friend Flowergirl, learning comes through atleast 6 senses, taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing, reasoning, and common sense. Conscience is the one we need to really be sensitive. Right?

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Yes Gardenboy!:)charityo- I have that book, it's great!:)I got it for .50 at a library book sale!!! YIPEE! :)

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