Need to VENT...

FlowergirlDeb2September 13, 2002

Hi everyone! I'm here tonight to release my frustrations! If anyone can relate, please join in!:)

I am taking classes at the Community College, and of course there are kids fresh out of high school in my classes. Now, I understand that they are MUCH younger than I, and maybe it's their energy, but I am so tired of these kids who take up class time to argue with teachers for NO apparant reason other than to hear their own voices or impress thier friends. I hate to be so bad, but I am there to learn, and I appreciate my opportunity to be able to do so! The professors humor the situations for a short time, and eventually cut them off, but still, it happens again and again. I know that some of these kids are only there because their parents made them go, and some just don't care one way or another about learning, they take classes to fill up credits. I wish I could be more positive here, but it truly bothers me! I am NOT they type of person to speak up to a fellow student about their annoying behavior, besides, that could only make it worse for me.

Just wanted to VENT!! Thanks! :) Any ideas of course are welcome!! :)

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Hm, when I was a fresh out of HS college student, if we argued with the instructor is was because we weren't prepared for the class - hadn't read, done the homework, etc. It was BS-ing to stall!

I know when I was in college I could get annoyed with time-wasters, and I wasn't much better. So I can only imagine how much it would annoy me now, as a *real* adult with other, more pressing, demands on my time and energy.

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Yeah...I'm "better" today!:) I just truly appreciate this opportunity, and I never took school seriously when I was young, I regret that now, of course! I wish I could take more evening classes when there are more adults, the "kids" are there during the day, and I'm not at all saying that they SHOULDN'T be there...everyone has a right to education, I just wish they wouldn't waste MY time! :)

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They may be teaching you more than you realize now. If you are to be a teacher, you may gain alot now in how to handle the situation when you face it in the classroom. Solomon said, "there is nothing new under the sun". They may be wasting their time but they don't need to waste yours. Just turn it into a positive.

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it never seems to fail, that there is always that one student in every class who argues or questions the teacher!

although it can be annoying, it can also be benefical when studying to become a teacher as you can observe how the teacher responds and keeps the class on task

but I know how you feel! I take night classes and when class doesn't get out until 9 - 9:30pm the last thing you want to do is be delayed by someone challenging and asking irrelevant questions!

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Good advice gardenboy. You will learn more in most classes by watching how the other students learn than by listening to the teacher.

I've been in classes with a mixture of young people and older people in community colleges, 4-year colleges, and graduate school and there are advantages to both ages. Younger people can be frivolously argumentative, but older people can be intellectually comatose, clearly there because they need to make more money, not because they really care to learn anything. As I move higher in academia, I become more interested in taking classes with younger people, who seem to be there to learn instead of to advance their careers, whereas when I was lower, I tried to take classes with older people because their experience gave them more insight into the course material.

A good teacher will turn a stupid question/argument into an opportunity to teach better. If teachers are just arguing back briefly to shut down the student's argument so they can continue to drone on about stuff they already know, I would complain about the TEACHERS, because they are lazy and boring.

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Thanks everyone! Valuable opinions and advice as always here. Appreciate it!:)

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Hi Anita,
Seems if you have been on vacation... I have missed you. Welcome back. We do learn from others if we are willing and have interest. Life is filled with choices. Just adding another two sense.(play on words)

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