Bathroom exhaust fan

chuckbyJuly 17, 2009

I have a bathroom exhaust fan, in the ceiling, that exhausts up into the actic. Should I leave it like this or should I get some ductwork and have it exhaust up toward one of the roof vents and hook it some how so it could vent out. The roof vent opening is to big so I would have to just hang it from the roof vent and let it vent that way? Thank you in advance for your help.

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You should run a duct to the roof vent. This is because of the humidity that would typically be vented by a bathroom exhaust fan. That humidity can cause damage and mold. It's okay to run it to the vent without an airtight fitting.

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Bath vents are required to be run directly to the exterior of the building (roof or walls) and terminate in a hood with a backdraft damper.

Running it to the roof vent is not an accepted practice.

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Personally, I vent mine straight up out the roof and the vent pipe is coated with expanding foam insulation. I want that moisture as far away as possible. I live in a cold climate where that moist air will quickly condense when it hits the cold.

I am just finishing a big bathroom project to fix a situation where the previous owner did not secure the vent hose and my attic got all kinds of moisture and mold. It is a miserable project!

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