Are you a believer in the 'you have to spend big to save money'

budsterSeptember 14, 2003

Is a brand name going to last longer than a generic brand item? Like buying 6 packages of toilet paper on sale saving say 50 cents each so you buy more and stock up. Or do you limit your purchase to say 2 packages and say they will come on sale again.

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That really depends on what the item is. There are inexpensive TP brands that, while not on par with, are certainly almost as good as the expensive kind. I would buy the cheaper yet as close as possible to the expensive brand.

On tp it pays to looks at "ply" and length of roll.

But when you are talking about something like sugar, or flour--well you are really seeing a difference in advertising a brand name--not a difference in product.

I rarely buy generic though for anything. Many times the store brand is made by the same people who make the fancy grand--the difference in price is explained in what they pay for advertising a product (a large part of food economics).The bottom line is always the Unit price.

On expensive things though, I have, although I've thoroughly researched something, been disappointed when I spent more for the supposedly better brand of (washing machine, dryer, refrig, etc...). I try to find good used products of the brands I want, first.

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My shortest post yet.

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I've had the same experience with Mid Tn Mama. I've researched certain bigger-ticket products to death and still ended up with problem products. The last item was a Quasar VCR that died just after the warranty ran out. I did try to have it repaired locally, but after 2 trips the repair guy still hadn't solved the problem and we finally gave up. (We are now using an ancient VCR someone had thrown out!)

As far as tp and other grocery items, yes we have our favorite brands and I stock up when they're on sale, especially if I have coupons. It's not that they're better, but just to our personal taste. I've tried the Aldi/Save A Lot/Walmart thing, believing that buying generics was supposed to be cheaper. But now that I'm back into couponing, I can see it's not the case. I mean, you can't beat a free item, or even one that's 9 cents!

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You have to know where you priorities are. If it's something you will get tons of use out of, by the best quality you can afford. If it's a seldom used item, don't waste your money.

The only exceptions to this (for me) are toilet paper and paper towels - I refuse to skimp on those items!

I shop thrifts and garage sales for my children's clothing because they only wear them for a short while (still growing!) but I buy name brand clothing only because I know that when they have outgrown the clothes I can usually get 110% of my money back by selling them on ebay - it basically means dressing my children for free.

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Like Mid Tn Mama, the unit price is what I look at. We do buy generics in a lot of things because they are less. If I have a coupon & can get a name brand for less, I do that. Some things I buy in bulk because we use them all the time & I don't like shopping for them so often & would rather have plenty on hand - toilet paper & paper towels & are good examples.

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On a lot of products today, the big name brand's item is made at the same place as the el cheapo brand. This is especially true with electronics such as VCRs and DVD players. At the low prices of these products today, the big brand name companies can't afford to make them in their own factories, so they buy them from cut-rate producers and then just slap their name on them (and mark the price up quite a bit).

However, I do think if you look over products carefully, you can often spot quality differences, and I'm definitely willing to pay more for a better quality product -- regardless of what brand name it says on it.


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Expensive cosmetics are often exactly the same as the drugstore brand. I do pay more, though, to get beauty products that have not been tested on animals.

I have found that sometimes there is a difference in the usability of the packaging. Sometimes a cheap house brand is in a container that is hard to use or breaks easily. So I buy a more expensive brand once and refill with generic.

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