returns-how long to wait before it's yours to keep.

catsmom6September 5, 2010

We ordered a table thru the internet months ago. When it came (thru UPS) the box was mashed and the table broken. We got the return label and they picked it up and sent us another table- again a mashed box and defective table. UPS said the replacement for that one was in such bad shape that they wouldn't even deliver it. (They finally reduced the price from $299 to $125.)

Finally they sent us one by Express and it's fine but we now have a spare table (with 2 drill holes that show when we extend it) in a box in the garage and it's been there for months now waiting for Express pickup.

Whew!!! My question-finally- is when do we stop waiting for the pickup and call the table ours. Is there a "statute of limitations" for things like this?



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Call the company one more time and give them a time limit to have it picked up. Tell them directly if it is not picked up you will consider it yours.

Either they will pick up or may tell you to keep it. A third option if you do not want a spare table is for you to suggest you donate it.

I do not believe there is a legal time table in most states for returns. Becertain to write down names of whoever you talk to as you don't want to be billed for the extra table.

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Call the company and give them a deadline. Tape the call. It is important you have some reference point should they think to charge you for the uncollected table. Check with the library to find out your states legal timetable for returns...they should be able to direct you to someone or some data base for the answer.

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I echo--very important-- keep a record so it is not a he said she said situation. If you can a letter--and a copy for you-- is always the best way. That is what our lawyer said when we had a somewhat, similar thing happen. First call and tell them a letter is on the way and then mail the letter

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