That JoyfulGuy is really great!!!!!!!

jaybirdSeptember 9, 2004

If you remember the post about can pop tops being worth a penny.....In that post, I told him they were worth a penny or more to me, because I could use them for hangers on little wooden items that I make. LO and Behold....yesterday in the mail I received a packet of pop tops, and a nice letter!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited to have mail that was just for me!!!! No junk, and no bills!!

Thank you so much Joyful ED you made my day, and I will use the special colored tabs on things for my home, so that I can think of you often!!!

Many blessings to you,


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Wow - what a nice guy!

Ed, that was a wonderful act of kindness!

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Ed is sure known around here for being a wonderful person.

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Aw, shucks.

Thanks for the compliments.

Actually, I've been saving pop (and beer) can tabs for a friend for about 14 years - starting back about the time that I sold those corn-fired heating systems.

I was able to send some blue ones, some green ones, and some with a different shape, to Jaybird. Even crossing the border, the postage wasn't too bad.

I asked recently why the people who sell them to buy wheelchairs don't save the whole can.

Haven't had an answer, yet.

On a recent discussion here on that topic, someone suggested that they thought the reason was efficiency - that there was about as much aluminum in a tab as in the rest of the can, but that it took up a lot less space.

I replied that I didn't want to be disagreeable, but that I thought that there was a lot less.

So, I saved 2,000 tabs, which nearly filled a 2 litre ice cream container (which is slightly under 2 quarts).

They didn't weigh more than a kilogram (2.2 lbs.), I think - a kilogram and a half at the outside. About 32 pop cans weigh in at a pound.

Which brought me to a certain conclusion.

If any of you have removed a bunch of tabs from pop cans, you know that it is a tedious, time-consuming task.

As the tabs and the cans, which the scrap metal dealer says go into the same barrel, bring in the princely sum of about 50 cents/lb. ... I think that I'll just give my friend the collector a buck (or even ... maybe ... two) on occasion.

And not remove any more tabs.

By the way - when you're 75, in good health and receiving three pensions, which in total are more than adequate (for a frugal lifestyle) ... every day is a good day.

I don't think I've taken a pill in about 30 years.

By the way - if you are taking serious meds, maybe you should join the busloads of U.S. people who travel to Canada from neighbouring states to buy their meds, saving most if not all of the cost of the trip.

You know what the result of that will be - soon we Canadians will be paying more for meds! No way the drug companies are going to put up with that nonsense for long.

Have you seen the book by the Harvard doc, "The Truth about the Drug Companies"? That most of their highly vaunted patents, etc. are not for new and original research, but mainly a slight variation on an old formula (that allows them to carry the patent protection forward for a substantial number of years).

Good wishes to you all for a great autumn.

ole joyful

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Hi again, all,

Just took in about 50 lbs. (1,500 or so) of pop cans to the scrap metal dealer today.

They gave me a Twenty, a Ten, a Loonie ($1.00 Canadian coin) and some change.

Should buy enough gas to run a few miles in my little, gas-sipping car.

Remember - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Have you figured a way that you - yes, YOU - can go on giving, teaching, even after you're dead?

Not sure whether some of my parts may be able to be retreaded, when I'm through with them. They'll be pretty old, nearly worn out.

If I agree to organ donation, though, can't leave my body to Med School for teaching, research.

Life do have its problems!

Have a great fall, all.

ole joyful

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Around here, we have to pay to recycle, not the other way! Sure, we get paid for scrap metal if we haul it by the dump truck load to the proper place 'cross town, but for ordinary pop cans and paper and such, it's an outlay of $3 per month to get our little red boxes picked up on trash day. We feel better knowing our plastic, paper and metal are recycled instead of landfilled, but it's backwards, money-wise.

I have to admit, though, organizations can still earn a few bucks if they collect such things in a large enough quantity. As far as I know, recyclers won't even bother paying you unless you have that quantity, say, a semi-trailer load. A pickup truck loaded with crushed pop cans? Maybe, but nobody does it.

I do, however, recycle yard waste, and get paid by not having to purchase fertilizer. :-)


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Hi again, all,

My friend asked me to pull his trailer to haul a lot of steel to the scrap yard.

So - a light went on in my brain.

I try to arrange to take my pop cans to the scrap dealer when I have an errand in that vicinity.

I almost completely filled the back of my old full-sized van with about 2,500 pop cans, only a few of them crushed.

Took home $93.00 and change - at 0 cost for gas.

Three trips across town, actually - with the small tires on my friend's old decapitated tent trailer half flat - and complaining (were scraping on a metal flange).

My friend got about $300. for scrap iron (scrap steel price has about doubled in recent months - demand from China and India, they say).

Good wishes, all - don't waste. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

ole joyful

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Ed, you're still an inspiration to me. I've been living the frugal life for a long time and frankly, enjoying it, and trying to figure a way to get one of the corn-burners going in this area.

Just wanted to say hi and let you know I enjoy reading your posts.


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Hi again, cynic/Ken,

Glad you're enjoying your stay around here, including my posts.

Thanks for the good advice and ideas that you offer, as well. Could you be less cynic-al than it appears?

Spent several years in Korea just after the war helping a few of thousands of refugees get back on their feet.

They had to save for years to afford a bicycle.

Changes one's outlook on the essential things in life.

Have a great Thanksgiving season.

ole joyful/Ed

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Hi again, all,

Have some more of the green, blue and odd-shaped tabs that Jaybird likes - but I think that s/he said that s/he had enough to last for quite a while.

Anyone else interested?

ole joyful

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