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swamp_thingFebruary 21, 2006

Hello everyone! I do pages of my one grandson Little John first car,second car,well now he has his third car and I did help on a title,and a layout all together? They are hang me down cars so they do not last to long before he needs another one or one that needs work on so give me some good ideas?It is a pick-up dark blue almost purple in color with a stripe like design on it. Of course like all boys his stero equipment looks better then the car but hey that's a different topic all together if you know what I mean?So, I'm looking for a title for sure and any other ideas on the page layout?See you later swamp thing

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How about a page like this with the title "WHEELS" and some of his stereo pix in the smaller circles and him and the car in the big circle.

Tis might also be cute.,GGLD:2004-40,GGLD:en%26sa%3DN

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Hey! I liked the title Wheels and the circles are good ideas too,thank you so much that was easy now I got a title. what kind of stickers or color of paper if any should I use?Bye

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I don't think you would need stickers if you went with the first idea. All of the Circles are embellishment enough.

As far as colors, I like the bright primary colors, orange, purple and black. That may not fit into your style and it all depends on the pictures. This page might look good in a black, white, and greys. You could throw in a punch color like blue or purple if it works withe picture or you might try to incorporate the color of the design on the side.

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I hope this isn't offensive....After typing my last message I started getting the Aaron Tippin song "There Ain't Nothin' Wrong With The Radio" in my head. If your nephew has a sense of humor about his vehicles, you might include some of the lyrics to the song on his pages. In my family, a page like that would be funny. I know in other families it would be considered extremely tacky. Use your own judgement.

Here is a link that might be useful: Song Lrics

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hey! our whole family is crazy and we joke all the time so song lrics will be good here I have a small album 4x6 size and it is called funny faces and girl you would laugh if you could see the faces the family has made? At Christmas time the kids when I take the pictures will say can we make funny faces and I said no not yet let me get one that has no funny faces then you can do one for me?Good idea thank you again!!

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