Coupons - how do you organize them?

lindy_444_2009September 16, 2009

I have a big pile of coupons on my kitchen counter right now ... have tried putting them in a drawer or envelope, but they get mangled or I forget about them. How do you organize yours? Both for grocery list-making and for taking to the store (sometimes I forget to hand them over to the cashier after I shop :( )



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I clip them, and I file them by month.
I have found that way to be the best for me.

Easy to go through that month's coupons and use them before they expire. I also will go through the next month's to see if there is something I can use.

For taking to the store...
I write my grocery list on a business size envelope.
Items with a coupon have a * in front of them.
Coupons go in the envelope, along with the store's loyalty card.

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I do pretty much the same thing as luann. If I know I'm going to use a particular coupon at a particular store I will put that coupon into a envelope with that store's name on it and the list of stuff I intend to buy there.

I also have a envelope for eating out coupons, department stores and one for craft stuff since I do use those types too.

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I have a coupon organizer that is organized by type of coupon...dairy, meat, etc. ***Organizing by aisle, if you shop at the same store all the time, works too.*** I pull out the coupons I think I'll use and keep them in the front organizer pocket. I take along the other coupons too because sometimes I see a deal that is too good to pass up.

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I don't use all that many coupons (I'm not the coupon Queen), but the ones I do use I organize by month in Day Runner Storage Pockets, which are heavy card stock with a slanted pocket on both sides of the page. Easy in and easy OUT! (These pages are approx. 5-1/2x8-1/2-inches.) One month per side.

Each week I go to the store, I check coupons with store ads in the morning, and pull any coupons I need to use and place them in the front pocket. I mark a red "C" beside items on my grocery list to remind me I have a coupon for it. Only rarely will I use a coupon for a regularly-priced item. I normally only use a coupon if the item is a loss leader, includes a rebate, was on clearance, or otherwise discounted, in order to stack savings.

The Storage Pockets are in my loose-leaf, 6-ringed PRICE BOOK (aka Day Planner) which houses my grocery money, calculator, pen, on-going grocery list.... The Price Book portion is in alphabetical order (separated by index tabs) with currant prices of the main items I purchase so I know if something really IS a bargain.

Everything I need for shopping all in one handy-dandy day planner, I got for $1 at a garage sale.


Here is a link that might be useful: Grocery Price Book

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When I was getting a lot of coupons, I made a coupon organizer and divided it up by departments and sorted that way. Canned goods, H&B, Paper products, Dairy, Frozen meat, Frozen desserts, Frozen Misc, etc. I also kept a small calculator in there for comparing prices. This system worked well for me. As for expiration, keep in mind many stores will take expired coupons for a while.

For a while I used a file folder and pulled the full sheet from the ad insert. Then I used a clear plastic envelope. If I get back into it I probably will take a clear plastic disk sorter and use to file coupons.

I too mark the items on the grocery list that have coupons and * use the © (c with a circle to indicate a coupon and put an x2 next to it if I have a store plus mfgr coupon.

I tried to go through them occasionally to familiarize myself with what I had. Then if I saw something on clearance I could couple a coupon with the clearance price and often get things for next to nothing.

Of course be reminded that coupons can be costly if improperly used. But can help a bit if used well. It takes some time so you probably need to balance the time vs benefit.

Also, for a while I would even jot down a list of coupons I had so when I was looking at ads I could reference the coupon list. A lot is finding a system that works for YOU. I changed the way I handled them several times. If I start getting the Sunday paper again, I'll probably modify the system again.

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I put mine in a 4 x 6 index box. I label them how I have my shopping list made. I have dairy, can goods, health and beauty, etc.

I do keep coupons that I don't usually buy because sometimes you can find a good sale or something on clearance.

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i use coupons all the time. i used to sort them in a coupon box according to type(cereals,frozen foods,cleaning products, etc) but i found that to be too time consuming for some reason. also found it harder to sort out all the expired coupons(our stores around here do not take expired coupons) now, i keep the coupons all together in a box and methodically go through them when i make my grocery list from the store ads. i fold my coupons with my list, and usually buy what's on my list, so i don't have to note on it what has a coupon since i generally use all the coupons that i bring with me. if i get a raincheck for a soldout item, i will fold the coupon up with the raincheck so that i will have both together next time i'm in that store.

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I just keep them in a folder or box! Nothing too complicated though.

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Mine are in a photo album...I have them labeled and it is easy to see what I have and when they expire. When I make my grocery list, I get my sale paper, write down what they have that I need and then I match coupons to the list..The list and the coupons go into an envelope, which goes back into my coupon book. That way if I go to the store and see a great price on something that wasn't in the paper, I can pull out my coupons.

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I used several categories on tabbed index cards in an accordion type recipe card size file:
Meat and fish
Paper goods
Fruits and vegetables
personal grooming
Soon to expire
spreads (jelly, peanut butter)

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I think the easiest way for me is to clip them each week ( only the coupons I would use) and then file them in a check organizer by subject.I leave the very front section of the file empty. When the grocery store flier comes each week in the paper or mail I get out my coupons and then pull the ones that I will be using that week and place them in the front file. It helps to stay organized if you can go shopping on the same day of every week. I have found that Sundays is the best day as our grocery stores have specials . I only use the coupons to purchase items when the item is on sale- so I am not over-paying. You would be surprised how much I save every week .It is just amazing if I stick to using the coupons and use them when the items are on sale how it cuts my grocery bill!!

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I actually organize my coupons in a zippered binder with baseball card inserts that hold my coupons. I only clip the coupons I need each week, but the great thing about this organization is that I can see all my coupons when I go to the store and cleaning out the expireds is a breeze!

I am a coupon queen, but you don't need to shop like I do to have this organization system work. It is easy and makes shopping with coupons soooooo much easier.

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just take the inserts out of the newspaper and write the date on the front, then visit a coupon site like or (there are several different ones) and they will show you which coupon to use during which sale at the different stores (by state) to get the most savings possible.

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I don't get that many for the products I use. But when I do, I keep them in the order they are in the store I frequent, then put them in a business envelope with all my restaurant coupons, and put the whole envelope in my purse.

I've tried all of the other ways, and always leave home without the coupons, this way I have them, and I don't change my purse, so I always have them.

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