thinking about becoming a substitute teacher

suz1023August 24, 2008

so before i head on over to the school,how do i learn what i need to know? i do know i meet the requirements of my state,but i have never had any experience making up lesson plans. i'd like a little knowledge before i just show up in the guidance office!thanks.

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Call the school district, and ask if they have an orientation scheduled for those who might want to substitute. Or check the district website for information.

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And take a class from a local university on classroom management. Things are far different than they were even 5 years ago.

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Hi, fallingwaters. I came out of retirement as a sub, and got cerrtified to be a full time math teacher. You will not have to worry about lesson plans. The "regular" teachers make these up for use by subs, and these are e-mailed into the school office (at least where I work). All you'll have to do is follow the plan :)

Who knows? You may enjoy "subbing" so much that you'll get certified as a teacher. GO FOR IT!

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