Removing Linoleum Flooring - staples??

DIY_BrandyJuly 24, 2012

Hello Everyone,

Part of the subfloor in my bathroom became water logged when a certain daughter of mine decided to take a nice long shower with the door open. I pulled up the linoleum which was terrible and needed to go anyways only to find another layer of linoleum (and a patched piece of subfloor - this must have happened before!). The problem is, this linoleum has staples all over it. Does anyone know why this would be? I am guessing they did it when they put in the newer layer of linoleum? Was it to keep the floor from squeaking? I only want to replace the part of the subfloor that has damage, should I pull out all the staples and start fresh? I am putting in temporary linoleum tiles until my brother can come tile the bathroom for me. Would love to hear any suggestions you have. I am a DIY'er by nature but have never taken on something like this before.

Thanks for your help!

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Who knows why the staples are there but your guess may be correct. Getting them out will NOT be easy. Give your daughter a flat pry bar and a pair of pliers and let her have at it. ;-) Depending on the age of your house, that old flooring and/or it's adhesive may contain asbestos.

How far out is your brother's tile work? You may want to have him take a look at things. He will have to do something with the old floor to lay his tile, so why do things twice?

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It is not uncommon to use staples to attach a new layer of underlayment, especially if the material is thin.

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Is the daughter helping with the repair? She should be. She might learn something.

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