Coupon Swapping in my office

donnamarienjSeptember 9, 2008

I'd like to start a coupon swapping club in my office. Can someone tell me how to go about doing this? If everyone brings in their Sunday coupons, who swaps with who, is the swapping done in turn, how do I make it fair, etc., etc.? It is surely a simple procedure, but I can't figure it out (I must be having a blonde moment).

Any hints?


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You're kidding? You'd actually waste time at work on an organized coupon swapping? How about tossing them in a plastic basket in the break room for anyone who can use them. Maybe others would participate as well. At the end of the week, toss them in the trash and start again Monday.

I can't see messing with the office politics of being "fair" because it NEVER works out that way. Having worked in management, it sounds like a perfect opportunity for hurt feelings and problems.

Our local grocery stores all have a coupon table. I clip everything from the papers, keep what I want and toss the rest on the table at the store each week. I've never worried that it was "fair". I'm just thinking someone else can use it. So what if I put in $7 worth of coupons and only found one for 25 cents I could use? That's fair enough...


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If you were my employee, I would be unhappy if your plan (whatever it may end up being) wasted company time.

Just do what grainlady says - toss 'em somewhere in the lunch room, then get back to work!

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Well I'd probably limit who I traded with. You have to find someone with the same mindset. Other savers would jump at the chance to save any amount of perhaps starting small with just a few people. I do like the basket toss idea....your employer shouldn't object over one little basket .....

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I think it is a great idea, and like mentioned above, I'd limit the number of people.

1...I'd assign each person a number. These could even be drawn out of a hat.
2...Each Monday everyone would throw their 'new' coupons into the empty basket.
3...Whoever is #1 could then go through the basket, pulling out all coupons of interest to them
4...It would then proceed to the member assigned #2...and so on.

Assuming there is an AM break, a lunch period, and a PM break (or something similar) the basket would soon get to the last member, with no disruption to the work day..

Any and all left over coupons would then be thrown into another basket that anyone could scavage from whenever they wanted and as time allowed.

The following week, member #2 would be the first to go through the new basket, followed by member #3...and so on.

When I worked, there always seemed to be 'some' workers who had a lot of extra time for extra curricular the only way to be fair to all, would be taking turns.


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Thank you, everyone!

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I'd just toss'm all in a basket & let it be first-come-
first choice. Anything else is entirely too complicated. Check for expiration dates every 2-3 weeks, & let it ride.
Make sure it doesn't violate company policy & then KIS.

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I have two shoe boxes, One for swapping and the other for expired ones and ones that one one uses. I will then send those to Military Families that are over sea. Cause they can use them up to 6 months expired. They need them just as much as I do. So I don't throw any away, I send them.

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