auctioning 33 yr old wedding dress??????

chery2September 24, 2004

Dry cleaners who didn't do wedding gowns anymore because brides weren't happy with results told me to wash my gown in the washing machine and hang it to dry. I did, and it looks like new. Neither dd was interested in it so I don't mind selling it. Would ebay be my best bet? How much do you think I should expect to make? chery-va

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Have your husband or a tatooed male do the photo shoot wearing your dress and give a sob story about divorce and woman will go bonkers bidding on it.My DD sent me an auction by a guy who was trying to recoup the cost of the dress and I believe that he got around four thousand for it.A good story in the bank.BTW,he sold it on ebay and got so many hits that he was hired to do the talk show circuit.

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Gee, and I was just hoping to get $100 for it. . . chery-va

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cupajoe that is too funny!!! I agree a funny pic and story would make it sell. Otherwise, your 1971 dress probably won't go for much as the styles really are different. Yes, 70's are back in, but not so much in wedding attire. I am assuming if you did have your hubby wearing your wedding dress, you would take up the name Lucille, at least for the auction. "You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille . . ."


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Sorry, gals - I'm not in the market.

ole joyful

P.S. You wouldn't *dream* of lying, (sorry, jazzing up the sotrry a little bit), would you?

(non-drinkable) oj

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