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stupid48July 1, 2012

I'm planning on making 10" by 20" patio steps out of concrete and raised aggregate. Does anyone have a step-by-step on doing this? I plan on applying small river rock as the aggregate by casting it over the concrete when the concrete has been floated and troweled. My biggest unknown is if I should buy a surface retarder or use Mountain Dew. Either way, does anyone have any advice on timing and any other advice?

Thanks, Chris

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I suggest you do more reading on concrete steps. We've had several jobs done with exposed aggregate and never did they add the stone afterward. The rock was always added to the concrete before the pour.

The few times I've seen DIY jobs where rock was added after the pour there were problems of rocks coming out and leaving holes in the concrete. Plus, I think you'll find an uneven layer of river rock to be uncomfortable and not safe to step on.....especially barefoot.

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