Stocking stuffers--or generic small gifts

mid_tn_mamaSeptember 11, 2003

I'll start another thread about homemade presents.

I'd like to know your tiny/small gift ideas. Our stockings are stuffed mostly with useful things or freebies. We look for coupons all year for certain items. Usually they have in them: medicated lip balm, toothpaste, toothbrush, scrunchies, hand cream, razor blades, a magazine, small flashlight, etc...

When school supplies are on sale in August and Sept. we buy lots of extras that go in the stockings. Scissors always disappear around here so everyone gets a pair of scissors! Same thing with tape.

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I watch Avon catalogs for 69 cent lip balm and 99 cent tubes of hand cream. Our grocery store usually runs buy 1 get 1 free on bulk packages of gum and life savers....I break them up so that I can put one or two packages in each stocking. Also at grocery 1 get 1 on scented bath gels....I get enough for all the teen and adult girls.
Eckerds is great about having sales....I have purchased all sorts of candles, deco items, key rings, general makeup items, etc., for 50 cents or less. In the guys stockings, I also use cans of vienna sausages, tuna, sardines, etc., that I know that they like!!

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Grandma loves jam and she gets some special herb teas she wouldn't buy herself and also some small jars of various jams (usually baby jars recycled with the jam in). She likes to have a variety of toppings for her toast and doesn't like to have the bigger jars all opened taking up room in the fridge. Also "fridgies" those magnets for the fridge, shopping list pads (from dollar store - magnet mount for the fridge), book marks for book people, the odd handmade ornament..usually something small crocheted or knitted..for the seamstress in our lives...bobbins and a new seam ripper....Nothing is over 2 or 3 bucks in our stockings. Grandma also likes magazines and we will put some special one in for her to enjoy Christmas day.

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I buy magazines for the kids -- PS2 and game type mags for my 10 year old son, American Girl for my 11 year old daughter. Consumables are always good (I'm not into clutter) -- candy, perfume, bubble bath type things.

DH likes scratch off lottery tickets!

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If you haven't been to the dollar stores lately, they have a lot of great stuff.

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