Planning Fall Social at School

momfirstAugust 31, 2002

Does anyone have any suggestions for games, crafts, etc. for a fall PTA social at an elementary school? If so, please respond ASAP. Thanks

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Did you search the web for "fall crafts" or "fall games"?? Ther is a site for kids activities that I have found tons at! Last year I did a fall craft but it was for a pre-school gathering, elementary kids wouldn't like it!!:( I will find the link and post for you by tomorrow night!! Otherwise, bobbing for apples is always a fall game, and halloween crafts, do you have a theme or is it just "fall?" You could have the kids dress as scarecrows for the party. I will link the site I went to, it was great!!

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Try this link below for Family Fun, always a reliable resource especially for the school aged crew.

Also try
a site for kids crafts. you can search by age, season/theme, or materials. It's a great site that has saved me many times.

I have seen the "search the hay pile" game enjoyed by all ages (bury candy or pinata type toys in straw or hay for the kids to hunt through).
Guess how many candy corns in the jar
Can they match the leaf to the correct tree name?
When you do a search on the craft sites, look also for native American themed and for earth themed.

Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Family Fun fall crafts

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Family Fun! That was it....and one called Kidsdomain too! Sorry I didn't post....couldn't find it anywhere!:( Let us know what you planned!:)

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