Help, is it gone for good?

usaladybugAugust 25, 2002

What happened to the homeschool forum? is it gone for good?

thanks in advance


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Where are you in Arkansas? I did not know the home school forum was gone. We try hard to help on this forum.....I center a lot of my thoughts on the importance of parents and parenting in being the right example for our children and grandchildren. We are the first and most important teachers that they will ever have or not have. Our most important teacher is Christ and His Word. Without Him and not obeying Him, we are not the person we could and should be. We are to study and obey His teachings as He has given us His example and guide book (the Bible) for us to love and obey. By obeying His Word we are blessed in this life and rewarded in eternal life by trusting and obeying Jesus by grace through faith.

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Ladybug ,
Spike posted a few days ago that he was going to have to delete the homeschool board. I wish he had been open to restricting it to paid members. I think many of us who are not paying members would have paid to keep it going. I don't think anyone would mind a few resonable HS questions, discussions over here.

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Thanks Arkansasgardenboy & sha_lyn for your help,
I'm in NW Arkansas, I homeschool my kids and I use A Beka books. thanks again...

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