trekarenAugust 12, 2002

Anyone here hear of the "Happily Ever After" program to learn phonics?

Anyone have any feedback regarding phonics in general, as a curriculum for teaching reading, as opposed to other reading curriculums?

(kindergarten level)

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Everyone seems to love the Open Court series, especially the older, experienced teachers.

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I'm less nervous than I was. When I heard 'phonics', I thought of the way they taught reading to some children when I was in school years ago. But apparently, this is now called the "Whole Language" method. The thinking now is that Whole Language leads to average readers and terrible spellers. So I think I have found all the info I need to understand what they will be teaching here at the new school.

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Is this a phonics package, or a cirriculum? If it's a package, like Hooked on Phonics or The Phonics Game, you could probably check it out from your local library. I got both of the ones I mentioned from my library, and WAS NOT impressed. They were too complicated and my kids thought they were boring.

My oldest son had a TERRIBLE time learning to read. I took him to a reading tutor who used the Reading Reflex/Auto-Graphics method and it really "clicked". This method is how we were taught to read in the 60s before "phonics" was the hot method. I can't remember the URL but if you do a search for Reading Reflex you'll find their website.

Good luck!

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Whole language is not researched based. Alone, it is not enough.

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