exterior solar roll-up shades

boone_2009July 28, 2013

We need *something* soon, to prevent the intense summer sun from further blanching our carpets and wood in the family room, which has sliding patio doors and faces south.
We thought of awnings; also thought of a vinyl patio cover or overhang. Our backyard is small, though, so building a wood or vinyl overhang/cover would take away from the size of the garden, even more.
I saw a neighbor's awnings and didn't like all that hardware visible underneath.
I read articles on roll-up solar shades; they sound ideal as we can hang them outside and pull them up in the evening.
Any advice /suggestions. comments on these? Brands to look for, quality, durability, effectiveness, etc.?

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why not solar screens in fixed frames for the windows?

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Hi, energy_rater. I did think of solar screens; we currently have the regular (some aluminum and some fiberglass charcoal mesh) screens for all windows and patio doors but they give out so quickly, with tears and rips through which bugs get in. I am tired of replacing them constantly!

Will solar screens be more durable and what material are they made of (that is recommended for buyers)? I am totally new to them. Do they clean with a hose from the outside and do they last longer than the regular non-solar ones?

Actually, the solar screens in fixed frames would be the best option for us, come to think of it!

Thanks for your helpful response.

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I have a Coolaroo shade on my back porch. It does a nice job of sun blocking. But the plastic continuous cord is stiff and a little hard to pull up and down. It's not something I would want to do daily.

Here is a link that might be useful: Coolaroo

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Hi, graywings, thanks for your response!

We have Coolaroo shades for our upstairs balcony - gives us shade as well as privacy from ( a ) snooping neighbor! We find the cord a bit hard to pull up and down, too. But it's okay for the balcony. As you say, they would be a nuisance to operate on our slider doors, which we use everyday, several times a day.

I think energy_rater_la's suggestion of a solar screen is worth pursuing; I also looked into having the 3M film that goes over the glass on the doors but didn't like the look of it on some houses down our street.

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