Turning a problem into an opportunity

ArkansasgardenboyAugust 4, 2002

How do we look at things in life? Do you see a glass half full or half empty? Do we fuss and fume when we know we can not change the outcome? How do we adjust? Do we adjust and rejoice as in the example in the link...

Here is a link that might be useful: http://ucsu.colorado.edu/~meyerk/zig.html

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AKgardenboy, good advice. When I was younger I was a fusser & fumer. Then I had kids, and soooo much is out of our control - it taught me patience!

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I honestly think that I have gotten WAY better at relaxing when things don't quite go as I planned or when a wrench is thrown into the picture! BUT, that cannot be said of everyone obviously, in our society poeple are always in a hurry and tend to forget any manners, let alone opportunities to just accept and consider the time they have been given as a gift.

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You fill the glass up halfway... It's half full. You have a full glass and drink it down halfway. It's now half empty. That's the way I see it. You can either take away from your life or add to it. It's all in your control.


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Another thing I have learned thru the years:

Life is not all in our control. How we handle what gets thrown at us is, though.

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Well, I'm talking about choice, and yes, the way you handle it is in your control.


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