Problems with th Institute of Reading Development

mommeAugust 9, 2010

Problems with Institute of Reading Development Program?

I enrolled my son in the Institute of Reading Development Program. I've received flyers from them for several years now. Every time I called, I was subjected to "hard sell" tactics,but this year I finally decided to sign my son up. Unfortunately in my case, I am out $300 because the program is a waste of time for my son.

The issue I have with the program is that is NOT geared toward as wide a range of students like they infer. My son is in the gifted program and has a high verbal IQ. I repeatedly asked if a program like this would benefit him. Of course, I was told yes and how it would increase his comprehension and reading speed. Well, to increase their reading speed they tell the kids to use there fingers to follow the words. My son is bored and has not learned anything he didn't already know.

The problem now is that a customer service/supervisor will not call me back. I am going to give them a few more days and then I am considering filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

I was wondering if anyone else had a problem with this company? I did a search on the web and found others had complaints too. They also had complaints filed against them with the BBB. I don't expect my money back but I do expect, what I consider, truth in advertising.

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Finally, after almost a week of trying, I got in touch with a supervisor, and even though it was hard to get a hold of someone, I am very satisfied with the service and resolution that was reached. I explained the class level situation to the supervisor, and she said that my son would be able to move to the higher level next summer without an additional charge. He won't be finishing this years class, but he already has the skills they teach.
I also have to add that the teacher my son had was fantastic. She was very knowledgeable and recognized that my son was in the wrong class. She wanted what was best for him, and that meant a lot to me.
Overall, I'm a satisfied customer.

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This organization is a cult and I highly recommend staying away from them, not speaking with them and certainly not signing up your child for their programs. I worked for them! They are a complete brain washing system of control and submission. All they want is money and they target the financially challenged to get them to pay anything they can through manipulation. These people are evil in every way. From the way they treat employees to the way they manipulate people into giving them money for fear and guilt of illiteracy and stigma with their children. Dispicable and evil people. Hang up!

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