changing ac unit and coil

strahinjaJuly 12, 2010

i live in 2500 sf home in Charlotte NC, with now-days outside temperature in 90's and 100's having problem trying to cool down my home with 2.5 ton Bryant ac unit. The lowest it would cool is 78 on good days. I've had a ac tech come over and he simply said that this is too small for this size of the house i need 3.5 to 4 ton unit and coil, and to go with Bryant or Carrier so i don't have to change the furnace.

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Is there a question in there some place?
If you don't believe him get a second opinion.

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You should get an a-coil that fits your current furnace. If some duct-work is necessary for this, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Do not replace the outside unit only if the a-coil is not the proper size for the new compressor as this would significantly reduce the efficiency.

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is it going to work to pair 4 ton coil with 3 ton furnace?

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If it physically fits, it should not a be problem.

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