Ceiling water damage

kangell_gwJuly 14, 2009

Hi guys. I hope I'm going to get off easy with my first 'water event' but want to make sure I'm not just taking the easy route.

So, 3 story townhouse. 3rd floor toilet. Lever handle breaks. OK, so take the lid off and manually pull the chain to flush. Meanwhile my mind heads off to "when do I have time to get to the box store and then fix this".

Head downstairs to the first floor for a little Tour de France on the TV. Few minutes later (5? 10?) I hear this sound from the 2d floor and rush up. There's water pouring out of a recessed light into my kitchen.

Turned off the light and headed up to the 3rd floor...tank is overflowing...remnant of the lever tangled with chain and ball...flapper is closed but ball not set to stop the water...aaagh! Didn't notice what was going on with the overflow tube, I just wanted the water stopped!

Fixed the flapper,etc to stop the water, grabbed towels to soak up the water on the 3rd floor. Then tackled the second floor which has hardwoods. I actually accomplished this fairly quickly, it really wasn't that much water.

So, ceiling on the second floor. Besides the light it appears the water found a seam between two drywall panels. It created a crack, dripped for a while and then stopped. A second seam (about 4 ft away parallel) looked wet, not sure if it dripped. But I saw a spot near it...and an hour later it had this big bubble dripping water. I think it must have been the outer paper layer of the drywall.

Anway, a little while later the bubble was gone except for the wrinkle artifact.

So now, the next day...looks like I have one 3-ft long spot where the seam is cracked and both edges of the tape are visible. And another spot where I really just have water stain for about 2 ft along the tape and the wrinkle spot.

Long story just to ask if I have to worry about damage to the dry wall or can I just repair the seams and repaint?

I intend to hire out rather than do it myself so I'll certainly ask the 'drywall guy' his opinion but I like to be educated going in.


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