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azzaleaSeptember 14, 2006

Posted about this find on KT, but thought it might be helpful here, as well.

I use a certain natural shampoo. It's pretty expensive--about $7 for 11 ounces. At the store yesterday, I saw a bottle of liquid handcleaner by the same company (same fragrance, too). It was $4 for 12 ounces (more product for less) AND I had a $1 off coupon. When I got home, I read and compared the ingredients--both products have exactly the same stuff in them, only difference is the placement of one of the ingredients. I'm definitely going to give the hand cleaner a try as shampoo. Would be a great way of cutting down the price and getting the same quality product. BTW--it's Avalon Lavender shampoo and hand cleaner that I was comparing

Maybe this will help someone else--if you check labels, perhaps you'll find something similar?

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Not generally a good idea. Hand cleaners are formulated to remove grease, while good shampoos are formulated to avoid stripping the oils from hair. Even with identical ingredients lists, there's plenty of room for variation in concentration and the resulting ratios of synergistic ingredients. If it were easy to make, your natural shampoo would have a lot of cheaper competitors.

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Some cheap shampoos seem to work quite well - but maybe one needs special (read "expensive") ones for varying kinds of hair.

But corporations aren't above putting about the same mix of stuff into differing bottles, one of which looks exotic, with an attractive label ...

... priced at about double what they ask for the other.

Often somewhat cheaper store-brand merchandise comes off the same production line as the national, well recognized brand (that does a lot of advertising).

Which may please you - if you're in the advertising business.

Have a happy week, everyone.

ole joyful

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It's worth a try!

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Do a google on the one ingredient that has a different placement on the list, to see what it does. You don't say if the ingredient is more prominent on the hand cleaner or the shampoo.

Some of the ingredients in these things are actually the cleanser itself, and the rest are enhancers put in to make it lather better or smell nicer or act as a preservative and such.

But as socks says, "It's worth a try!". Both shampoo and hand cleaner are regulated buy the FDA and neither one is going to hurt you if you try it. It's not like you are asking about using floor cleaner for your hair.

I know a guy who swears by using dishsoap for his hair.

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"If it were easy to make, your natural shampoo would have a lot of cheaper competitors"

Not necessarily so. Manufacturers want to put out competing products for big selling items. Not sure this one qualifies. Example: There's a brand of chewing gum made to be compatible with denture users. No real competition for it. No more difficult to manufacture than any other gum, so why aren't the other companies filling the stores with competing products? Simple. The market isn't big enough to bother with it.

As for the product itself, I'd still look for a workable alternative that's less expensive, but I'm glad to see your creativity! Good going! Let us know how it works out.

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The only way to know is to wash your hair with it and see what happens. My thoughts are, it will probably be too drying for the hair, but if you don't shampoo every day, and you're hair is not color treated, or damaged, it could be fine. Good luck!

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Has anyone tried "horse" shampoo on their head? It makes your hair shiny and squeaky clean. I believe Wal Mart carries "Head and Tails" brand in the pet department.

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Once when my hair was really dirty and oily, I shampooed with Joy dishwashing liquid. It got my hair clean,but it was incredibly tangled. I use regular shampoo ever since ,plus buckets of conditioner. I shampoo no more than three times a week. I think daily shampooing is just unnecessary. And I lather once, then rinse thoroughly. Never shampoo,rinse,repeat.

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'when I was in college I worked for a company that made janitorial detergent in huge drums. They put up small quantities of it in spray bottles to use as all purpose cleaner. They put it in different bottles and cut it about 8 to l with water and sold it as a glass cleaner. One day they were discussing selling it in small containers as a belt cleaner. I told them it would ruin leather and they began discussing calling it a woodwork cleaner or prepainting spray. They also had different brands for the same product. Just changed thelabels.
You can use joy dish detergent for hair. Just rinse with water with a little lemon juice or vinegar in, or conditioner. When we were camping and forgot something we would invent stuff to substitute. If you forget pot scrubbers you can use crumpled foil.

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