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llmhoganJuly 9, 2014

My husband and I have spent the last 7 months working on our house and in his opinion, it's finally done. However, I am struggling to pull everything together. I want my "grown up" house and just can't seem to get there. I think we need new lighting, curtains and maybe a new table. Art would be nice but I have no idea where to start. Is hiring a designer what I need to do to accomplish that look of a finished room? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Another look

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I think I would replace the chandy over the table. The one you have over the sink is really nice and more contemporary. Maybe replace the table chandy with matching, but obviously larger, chandy as the sink's, or at least a different style but more contemporary.

If affordable, I'd 86 the overhead light and replace with recessed lighting throughout the ceiling.

Maybe put a little bookcase up against the end of the island, to hold cookbooks, knickknacks,etc.

Hate to say this, because my guess is it's new, but the rug under the table is too small. If you can, I'd put a larger rug under there, and have four chairs on the sides, and one on each end.

Some kind of colorful window treatment to bring some color into the room?

Add hardware to the cabs?

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Oh my gosh, thank you Tibbrix for confirming rug size too small. I kept asking kiddos what they thought. :) Will a bigger rug make the rest of the room look too small? Should I change the color of the table???

I found a picture of a light for above the table. Is this what you were thinking?

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Depot Light

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A larger rug won't make the room look too small, but the too-small rug makes the table look huge and like it's struggling to stay on the rug. Also, you want a rug under a dining table such that, when chairs are pulled out for seating, they are still on the rug.

That chandy looks too small. I'd spend some time looking at chandeliers and see if you don't find one that you "know" is the right one the second you see it. Personally, I'd try to find one that doesn't require the chain for hanging, but that's just my personal taste. I think they look very 1960s/macrame-ish.

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