Granite rubbing against fridge

macvirtualasstJuly 14, 2012

Hi all,

Not sure what category this goes in... We have a stainless steel fridge with a no streak finish. It is a side by side fridge. The edge of the doors, when they are open, rub against the granite countertop and as a result a bit of the no streak finish has rubbed off, almost as if it has peeled away. Is there any way to fix this?


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You can put clear bumpers on the granite like you would a wall corner, but there isn't any way to fix the fridge if it's one of those metal ones with a clear coat on top. Once that clear coat is damaged, it will continue to chip away.

This is why most people prefer actual stainless to any of the faux stainless. A scratch in stainless can be buffed out, and it doesn't really have a fingerprint issue if cared for with the correct products. Pedge furniture polish will keep the fingerprints away if you clean off all of the yucky oil based stainless products first.

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Thanks Live Wire Oak... what you say is true. I found out the fridge is real stainless, but with the no fingerprint coating on it. Nothing I can do except buy new doors which is crazy for a 1/4" tear. We are very careful with it now. Bumpers on the corner were too bulky but we put a little clear plastic dot on the critical juncture and it seems to be working. Thanks so much...

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