Finalizing layout, hoping GWs approve?! Cooktop too squeezed?

homebuyer23May 6, 2013

I am really hopeful this might be my last layout post, but I canâÂÂt make any promises!

I have come full circle, going back to my original vision for the kitchen. An inspiration picture had a long narrow kitchen laid out like this, I loved the large centered window & centered apron sink & I really felt I had the space to do the same and that it would feel right, but I started to stray from it for many many reasons.

I tried many options, but none felt right. I am positive I want the wide âÂÂUâ shape, so for past several weeks IâÂÂve just been stressing over where to put everything within it.

One of my top wishes for the project is to fit a 36â cooktop, induction. It was strongly suggested by some here & a KD that I do not have room for it on the short wall. So, IâÂÂve gone round & round & round trying to squeeze it on same run as sink, but just canâÂÂt come up with a layout I love, there were too many compromisesâ¦bad DW placement/ bad storage/ compromised prep area, sink too far from REF, etc.

So, I decided to revisit this layout. I am also posting the whole first floor layout (we are changing every room), as well as a rendering of the cook top wall. I really think it looks good! The main concern I suppose is the fact that to right of wall oven cabinet, I only have a 4.5â filler space. I know its not ideal, but I think I am totally fine with it. The uppers are nice & symmetrical. I am also willing to install the wall oven under the cooktop. Another compromise that IâÂÂve decided I can live with. I saw it in a showroom and IâÂÂm short.

If I hear feedback that there are really good logistical reasons I just canâÂÂt fit my 36â cooktop here, at this point I think I like this layout best and think I am willing to just get a 30â rangeâ¦IF. I. MUST. !! But, IâÂÂm hoping you guys agree that while not perfect, this layout meets all my needs and wishes while being nicely functional.
Other than my concern with the cooktop placement, IâÂÂm looking for feedback on my mw drawer / speed oven placement Is it in a good spot or does it need to be closer to the vent hood?

IâÂÂm lacking a really wide drawer stack for pots. IâÂÂm hoping the large blind corner will fit a lot of pots. I havenâÂÂt decided what to use under the island⦠IâÂÂd actually prefer more of a work table look, so open or partially open underneath, so IâÂÂm trying to decide if my perimeter can store everything I need it to. If not, IâÂÂll do large drawers in island, or trash there, or my m/w/speed oven in island?

YouâÂÂve all been so helpful along the way. IâÂÂm dying to wrap this up! So, anyone with feedback, Id really appreciate it so I can move on! Thanks!!!


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One thing that I see is the 36" for your make working aisle. That may end up being too close, especially when others are in the kitchen with you. Can you open that up to 42"?

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Are you using a true counterdepth fridge? If you aren't the the refrigerator is going to inpinge on that door opening a Lot.

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Thank you,

Amanda, thanks, I am ok with 36" aisles. I might try to do 38 or so but any wider and my island gets too close to the cabinet next to the Ref. I have considered eliminating that cabinet or making it really shallow though so perhaps I'll think about that more.

Palimpsest, I am figuring on a counter depth but not built in, so one that's like 28" deep. I actually want it to stick out past the doorway a few inches so that we can open the door all the way. Then I have about 38" from front of ref (not including handles) to where cabinetry starts. That's what I have now and I find it comfortable.
But I can shift that door opening left/right if I need I need to?

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an idea: stretch out the u so the side comes to within a small distance of patio door trim. remove seated person option from that corner[substitute with base cabinet opening on patio door side].Shift island over the few inches you've gained[yes inches matter] and analyze it's dimensions and tweaks you can make to alleviate pinch point between island /range top and refrigerator and walkway. It's not so much the person at the range top cooking but the converging that will occurr in that area. I would even shift the fridge to the end position so it is less in your 38 in walkway. the 30 in range which would allow perhaps a wider walkway might be considered as a necessary compromise. You are getting there.

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Kathy Rivera

Do you need the 18" trash pullout - meaning, were you planning it b/c you need 2 bins for recycling and trash? If you aren't huge trash makers - or you don't mind taking it out nightly or every other night - you could try to get it under the sink. Then you could combine some of that space for a 30+ inch pots/pans drawer.

People do trash pullouts under the sink all the time (though not usually with apron sinks), but I found some pics that seem to show it.

Here is a Rev a shelf pullout that might be short enough to fit. They have so many variations hopefully one could work?

This is from 2003 BH&G mag. Based on your cab sizes, it seems you are going custom? Perhaps you could have something made like this - looks like a false front of 2 doors that is attached to a pullout. Sorry the pic is so small:

Here is a link that might be useful: Rev a shelf under sink trash

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Kathy Rivera

And here is another pic from the IkeaFans page. They just attached drawer slides to the doors. It looks like they have an apron front sink in the picture. Then you just need to find a trash can that is short enough.

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It's fine with a counter depth around 28", but it locks you in to always having a refrigerator of a shallow dimension like that and sometimes that is problematic.

I prefer true counterdepth or un-built-in counterdepth myself but fridges with more depth are much more common and generally much less expensive. Could you build in a bit of a recess behind the fridge in the wall to give yourself a few inches of flexibility (even if you keep the shallower fridge pulled forward a bit to allow for doorswing?)

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I am certainly not knowledgable enough to approve or disapprove, but I like your layout. I find it very functional to have the sink and cooktop on the same run.

Even if the blind corner gets all your pots, it will probably be not very comfortable. So, if you are not very keen on the worktable idea, have some cabinets or the speed oven under the island. I think trash should stay near the sink.

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Kathy Rivera

herbflavor is on to something, too. If you can put the permanent part of the slider on the kitchen side, then you could even keep a stool there for someone to sit when really needed.

(This stool is in front of a window, but same basic concept)

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Thank you all so much for great ideas and comments.
Herbflavor thanks,'ve been so helpful every time I post!

I will definitly think about widening the "u". Eliminating the 4th seat would be a big compromise bc I have 3 kids and my dh works late a lot so I picture us eating there together a lot. But I usually eat standing up anyway so...?!
That half of the door is fixed anyway so I think I could maybe still keep a seat there.
I was concerned about widening the U too much though because I want to keep a comfortable path to the sliders between seats at peninsula and seats at dining table. But you think I do have enough room to go close to end of sliders?

Question...Do I really need the Ref panels? They add 3". I have a wall on one side and a full height turned cabinet on other side. Could I just have the cabinets above the Ref attached to the wall on one side and the pantry cabinet on other side? I'd gain 3" of clearance around the island pinchpoint, worth it?

No one has mentioned my cooktop shouldn't be within 4.5" of corner, so I'm thinking it's ok?

Sena thanks, I do think I'm going to need to put something in my island.
Anyone think I could just have 1 row of deep drawers along bottom of island, then finished open shelf above them, so the island/work table is like half "open"?

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I have 2 fridges placed side by side. No panels between or on the sides of the fridges. Cabinets above (total width 48") are attached to the pantry and wall oven cabinets on the sides.

For the island, I've seen 1 row drawer along the top, then open shelves below, but not the other way.

Is it possible to move the doorway on the fridge wall? If doorway is moved next to the pantry cab, then you can move the fridge to the other side of the doorway, across the aisle b/w cooktop and island. This might improve your walkway.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to lay that out for me!
I can see how it could help but I'm not sure I really like the feel of that option, plus, moving that doorway isn't really an option anyway.

Good to know, I'm thinking I don't need the REF panels, that should save me 3" plus a couple bucks too I hope!

Now off to redraw the whole layout so I can stretch my U a few inches! Someday this will all payoff, right?!

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You could get a wide drawer there if you close off the left corner and combine that cabinet with the 13.5" one. If you need even more space, you could reduce the trash to 15". Sometimes esp. with 2-corners and having a symmetrical layout, it's best to give up the corner storage on one or more sides or you'll end up with too many small cabinets.

I agree the refrigerator opening is potentially problematic. If you could swap it with the shallow pantry and then finish it off with a door panel to side it would be better. The closer you get it to opening into the aisle the better. Even with a french door with the bottom freezer it pulls way out, some models have a tilt drawer and if you want to clean the interior it will be a challenge. Also moving it closer to island will work better for your landing space from the refrigerator.

Sometimes it comes down to choosing between two less than ideal options. I would prefer the added 6" of cooktop to an extra 6" of cabinet/counter space. That 4.5" "filler" can be used as a spice/oil pullout, esp. if you are using frameless cabinets.

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