College Dorm Suggestions?

vera123August 6, 2003

Daughter is leaving for school in less than 3 weeks. Anyone have ideas to share for storage ideas & making the most of the small space?



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I bought my daughter an under the bed storage box and one of those cardboard 3 drawer little storage dresser type things available at KMart, Target, etc. The only problem with the cardboard construction is that nothing heavy can be put on top of it. Instead of a bedspread, we bought a large quilt. I bought her one of those large cushions for sitting up in bed--it looks like the top of a stuffed chair with the back cushion and two attached arms. Since there is no comfy place to sit, that really helped. You can get them at Target, Kmart, bed linen stores in various colors. Also get a duffle bag for dirty clothes. At Thanksgiving, and Christmas, she brought her summer clothing home and returned with winter clothing. The opposite happened in the spring, and we definitely found ourselves mailing a box here and there. Luggage that lets you store one piece inside another also helps. If it is at all warm there in the fall, do not forget to buy a fan now for the dorm--my experience is that the college town sells out of fans before you arrive. Check with roommate--they do not need 2TVs (or even one) and stereos and phone answering machines.

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If you're able to visit the dorm before she gets there, that would be great. If you can't visit, maybe the school can provide pics? Do you know what furniture will be in the room? If you know what's already in the room, you'll have an idea on the limitations.

I remember (long ago, it seems) when I first went off to live in the dorm. One of the items I used for storing little used items was a foot locker. It got used as extra seating too. But most of the time it served as a plant stand. I also had one of the pillows that Sheila mentions & loved it.

You may also want to find out if she can hang things on the wall. Some dorms allow pics & such only hung from a board or will putty.

Is her dorm room part of a suite or will she have to go down the hall to the bathroom? If she has to travel to go to the shower & such, I'd check into some of the crates or baskets that can hold toiletries & towels (& be carried down the hall).

Sheila's note about the luggage is right on. They can also be tucked under the bed.

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Thanks Sandy & Sheila ~

We've already talked about under bed storage if she doesn't buy a loft or have one built. She has met her roomate & they have already figured out who will bring what so that is working out. We've talked about a butterfly chair & have thought about a locking trunk but haven't figured that part out yet...Lucky that the college has a blackboard for the kids to post on (are you in my dorm, my class, etc....) & they have all been talking & getting to know each other. My daughter drove to New York & spent 4 days with her roomate... Hopefully, it will be a wonderful year for them!


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PS At my daughter's university, the kids could buy a loft from the architectural department students--a fund raiser for them. It was a frame that let them put the bed up high like a top bunk bed. Under it they would place their desks. Doubled the space, but my daughter never saw a need for it. But the college dorms these days seem tinier than ours were by far.

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That is a super idea as a fundraiser. I think her room is 11 x 17 so not that small. (I say that now, lol)

I'm sure it will be cramped & messy just like her room here at home! lol

Thanks again!

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