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gramcraftSeptember 4, 2003

Can anyone tell me if I HAVE to have a long distance provider to use calling cards from my home phone? I am so tired of paying AT&T every month for nothing. I can't even use them for a long distance call as they have me blocked. Can't even use a 10-10 #. I have been using a calling card sent by DD but wonder if I can drop my long distance provider and still use the calling cards.

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I don't. But once I was in a big hurry and just called long distance (forgot I hadn't chosen anLD carrier) and got a WHOPPING over- a dollar-a-minute charge for a long phone call.

I use the walmart/costco/sams cards and they are around 5 cents a minute. I havent' had time to program the numbers into my phone yet (you put the card phone number and your pin number as two buttons on your fast dial.)

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We have been using the card one gets at Sam's Club for years and couldn't be happier. ALL U.S. calls, regardless of time placed, are 3.47 cents per minute. I live in Wisconsin and many calls are to my mother, also in Wis. Unlike other phone plans, they are the same 3.47 cents/min. I buy 1000 minutes at a time (charged to credit card, for $34.70). Very convenient, and A LOT cheaper than a phone plan. To answer your original question, you do NOT have to have a plan through a phone company, but heed mid_tn_mama's advice and don't just pick up the phone and dial without thinking. That gets expensive!

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Around here, I have no designated LD carrier and so if I try to do a 1+ dialing, I get a recording to enter a code #, which is great because if the computer tries to dial (as some spyware or viruses can do) or if someone tries to make an unauthorized call, they're caught. I use a dialaround service at 3.9¢/min. which goes onto the phone bill. No messing with prepaying for service on phone cards. I'm very happy with the arrangement.


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Many thanks for your helpful advice folks. Just tired of paying for something every month that I can't even use. I even get asked for a 3 digit passcode for some dial-arounds.

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I love OneSuite. It is 2.5 cents a minute anytime, but you do have to dial the 800 number first, then your password, then the number. It may take an extra 30 minutes, but we save over $200/year on long distance!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: OneSuite

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Thank you Michelle, I think that is what my daughter in WV uses. I haven't checked it out as I thought there was a problem with the access#, but think when my calling cards are out, I will so so.

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I dropped AT&T several months ago for the same reason. Made $.22 of long distance calls, but got billed $7.00! Monthly fees, access charges, etc. What a rip off! I called my local phone company (Qwest) and asked to remove AT&T but don't put another one on. I have been using 10-10-987 but now that Qwest has LD and my husband works for them I think I will use them. They have a no monthly fee plan, and the rate is $.15 per minute. I don't mind paying that, beats paying seven bucks for a 3 minute LD call!

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Thanks for the input and....get this....we share a birthday.

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We paid them for years. Then we changed companies a couple of times and it was more expensive so we switched back. Apparently our phone company says we "have" to have a LD provider. You don't have to pay a fee every month. I say this as to where I live, I know there are differences in different areas. Go online at AT&T and look at their plans. We have a plan that doesn't cost any monthly fee and the rates are reasonable also. We only use it rarely as we have a free weekend cell phone plan or we use the Sams/Walmart calling card 3cents.

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I dropped our long distance server (AT&T) a few years ago. You do not have to have a LD server. We used the Sam's Club calling card. I hated to have those "surprise" bills. With 4 kids in college our bills were terrible. It was nothing to have a SBC bill for $33 and an AT&T bill for over a $100.
In the passed 6 months I have gotten a LD carrier again and am very happy with it. I had 128 minutes of LD and my bill came to $5.78. There is no "basic" fee! I am a happy camper now!
Kathy G in MI

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Kathy, what LD carrier did you go with?

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Has anyone signed up for "The Neighborhood"? I'm interested in the promise that your bill will be $49.95 -- every month, regardless of the number of LD calls you make. It's not unheard of for me to make $100 in LD a month, so it's not only a savings, but easily budgeted for.

However, I'm suspicious of pretty much every promise a utility makes!

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Most of my LD is within the state & boy, can THAT be expensive. I have one of the plans with AT&T that do not have a monthly service fee & make all my LD with my cell phone. If my kids want to call one of their friends from camp, they use calling cards.

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