Hardiboard over siding?

davestexasJune 17, 2011

Although my hardboard siding is in good condition(house 1986 built), I intend to install Hardiboard. I've heard that: (1)it's common/ok to install over existing siding, (2)it is better to remove siding first. Thoughts/experience with this? Thanks

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Fibercement siding is not very strong or stiff so it has trouble looking flat on an uneven substrate. If the existing siding is true you might be able to put the fibercement siding over it if you are using the same coursing.

The other issue is that fibercement is a water reservoir material that can hold moisture after a hard rain or prolonged high humidity and allow it ot be driven into the house if exposed to strong sunlight after a hard rain.

Therefore the wall system must be designed to either allow or prevent moisture migration into the building. This depends largely on the climate of your area but the membrane chosen must lie against the existing siding unless such a membrane is already installed under the original siding. The existing siding could just be in the way.

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No siding is the actaul drainage plane.

It is there to protest the drainage plane from exposure and damage.

Leaving an older layer is a cost cutting move that can lead to long term problems when moisture penetrates the top layer and remains trapped between the drainage plane and the top layer.

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we live in a burb of houston tx.
we replaced the siding on our house and built a 1200 square ft shop with hardiplank 8 and 10 yrs ago
we did remove the original siding on the house and put "something" don't know what underneath the siding on both
note, the nails have to be much closer together on hardi than on wood siding, we put a good paint job on both and we're really happy with the hardiplank

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