Suspect shingle installation causing leak around chimney?

quite98June 11, 2013

I'm considering buying the property that I am renting. There appears to be a leak around the chimney area that is causing discoloration to the ceiling in the room next to the chimney, and plaster to shed from the brickwork of the chimney in the closet in which it resides. Brickwork feels dry to the touch after two days of heavy rain. Ceiling feels dry but home inspector reported moisture evident.

Home inspector also reported that there was missing/damaged flashing and mortar to the chimney.

I haven't been up on the roof or in the attic yet but the installation of the shingles around the chimney looks suspect to my untrained eye. Is it normal to bend the shingles up like this?

Thanks for any help.

Here is a link that might be useful: More pictures

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It's not only not normal, it's just plain wrong.
I don't see any evidence of proper flashing in the picture.
Is this a single layer of shingles, or was it installed on top of a previous layer? With multiple layers, I frequently find that the 'installer' has failed to address the need for proper flashing.

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Windows on Washington

I think saying it is wrong is the understatement of the century.

Get a qualified roofer out there to re-flashing and install some proper metal flashing around the chimney.

Get the chimney re-pointed prior to the roofer as well if it needs it.

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Oh and if you have a water infiltration issue, I think it would be safe to say that is where it is coming from and if you don't you certainly will at some point in the not too distant future!

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we would have to see the actual flashing
or lack of...around the chimney.

shingle & capping should lie flat around
the chimeny.

best of luck.

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Seeing the shingles proped up there like that would make the intire roof install suspect. Whoever did that doesn't have a clue about roofing. I'm suprised the inspector didn't have anything else to say about other issues.

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Thanks for the all the responses. From what I gather, the chimney was re-mortared at some point after the roof installation. There is no metal flashing present at all.

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Another picture

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It was something alright.

Flashing is your friend here.

Mortar/brick work looks questionable here but if it is solid, flash the chimney and have the shingles and step flashing done.

Should be fine if you have a qualified roof mechanic.

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