Room Air Comditioner Cutting off

wsmmJune 16, 2009

I have a GE room air conditioner, model AGH10AAG1. It has started to turn itself off after running only a short time. It does this both in fan only mode and air conditioning mode. Once it turns off, you must leave it off for awhile and then you can turn it back on and it'll work for a sort time and do it again. Any ideas of what might be wrong?



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First you need to determine if it is the AC or the power to the AC going out.
If power problem then it could be a loose connection on the circuit somewhere.

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Thermal limit maybe

Are the indoor and outdoor coils (evaporator & condenser coils) clean?

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Low voltage at the outlet, or due to poor plug connection, can cause the A/C motor to overheat and the thermal limit relay would then shut it down.
Is the plug or cord hot to the touch? It/they could be faulty.

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