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Pooh BearSeptember 26, 2003

Have any of you seen the commercial for this on TV.

A crazy looking guy in a suit covered with question marks

is advertising a book about government programs and grants.

I am wondering if any of you have ever seen this book.

Wonder if it is available in the library.

The commercial advertises it for about 40 dollars.

I would like to see this book but I an not about to buy it.

Back when I was in high school I got the book about

surplus military and surplus government sales and auctions.

The book was a big disappointment.

I will never buy another book like that without seeing it first.

Pooh Bear

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I've seen the guy you're talking about, Pooh. Never could stand to watch for more than about 15 seconds though! My head just kept echoing snake oil!....snake oil!


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I bought some of his books, and while they are pricey, I think they are well worth it. What he does is basically do all the research for you and prints all the information you could need, plus advice, and hints for doing the research yourself. It's very informative and worth the money, I think.

You could try looking on E-bay for lower prices. Even the older versions will tell you how to get up to date information. Just be prepared to spend weeks or months going through the red tape for some of the fundings.

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'A crazy looking guy in a suit covered with question marks
is advertising a book about government programs and grants.
I am wondering if any of you have ever seen this book.
Wonder if it is available in the library.'

Possibly ... the info is available from the GOVERNMENT.

The grants are a pile of paperwork and reporting requirements.

Here is a link that might be useful: grant info

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His name is Matthew Lesko, and if you check reviews of his books on Amazon, you will see that his newer ones are not getting good reader reviews at all. A couple from the 90's have 4 or 5 stars, but by now the information is probably sorely out of date.

Yes, libraries are likely to have some of his titles, especially the older ones. When I first became a librarian, his Information USA book was something we used all the time. But that was back before the internet and easy access to so much free information. Now it seems like he has to push the "free money" aspect of the information he compiles, or I guess he can't make a living.

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I've received offer of information from Matthew Lesko of the unusual suit (and startled face) on internet, Pooh Bear.

It relates to governments' and charitable foundations' grants, apparently related to a wide variety of uses.

Some of the grants are available from the government, and likely one could find the basic information if one knew where to look, but it appears that he has assembled quite a lot of it in one place - what percentage of the total amount, one wonders, and is much of it really relevant for many of us? How current is it?

It appears that he does give advice as to how to deal with the (apparently massive) red tape in making application.

Some of the charitable foundations were originally funded by family-owned companies, with a foundation set up on the death of some of the original owners, e.g. Ford, Rockefeller, in order to save taxes and avoid being forced to sell enough of the company to lose control, and with the proviso that family members would manage the foundation. Such as Andrew Carnegie's support of libraries, I think - though I think he gave those gifts during his lifetime. Similar idea, though.

The information about the various charitable foundations, may be assembled somewhere else, if one knew where to look.

I remember a retired doctor dealing with tuberculosis treatment in Korea 45 years ago was looking for a grant from Rockefeller Foundation, I think it was.

Seems to me that the cost of Lesko's information (book? CD?) is somewhat less than $40.00.

I received information about another source, as well.

Think I have the info here, somewhere.

Will see if I can find it.

Good wishes to you and yours.

joyful guy

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