Question on waterproofing basement

indymom76June 14, 2009

Hello-My husband and I bought our house going on 4 years ago. Lately, we have noticed more water problems in our basement. It's not standing in many places, but it is definitely seeping through somewhere. My husband wants to bring in dirt and slope it away from the house-which I think is a good idea. The part I'm not sold on yet is adding the plastic below the dirt-about 2-3 inches below the soil on top. He wants to do this all around the house. I worry about the flowerbeds. Any thoughts? Suggestions? We're open to any. We've had about 5-6 guys out to look at it and they've all given us different suggestions to get rid of the problem. I want to try the dirt, since it sounds like the most logical and cheapest bet. I just don't want the plastic down, which would prevent growth of flower beds! Any help would be appreciated-thanks!!!

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Adding the plastic could be counter productive. That could create a difference in the moisture content of the soil which could harm the foundation even more.

Try adding the dirt---it needs to be packed a bit and have grass/plants to hold it in place.

Clean the gutters and inspect the down spouts. Look at the downspout outflow areas, where the water goes when it comes out.

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Your husband's thoughts are proven techniques, although different materials are used....plastic sheeting can be OK. The material should slope away from the foundation/house. Three inches is a bit shallow, deeper is better. It won't harm plants as long as the drainage is sloped.
The width of the sheeting depends on the perc qualities of the soil.

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i know the best waterproofing company in Toronto. They have been in business a long time 80 years? They did my house after two other companies did it. They are the best and i am taking the time to write this to save someone else the headache

Here is a link that might be useful: rcc waterproofing

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