Paint colour to go with/minimize hideous tile colour

mgmumJuly 31, 2014

I have this hideous (to me) pinky/peachy tile in my bathroom. The photos I'm attaching do not convey the actual horror of the colour of the tiles. The floor tiles are ceramic, I'm assuming, marble "wanna be" but the veins are a pinky/peach colour. The trim tile is completely pinky/peach and matches the floor tile perfectly. I probably wouldn't mind it so much if it was another colour, but I am so not a pinky/peachy person. Neither are my boys. I don't think. :)

I think it's awful, but it's staying. The walls are white right now. Any suggestions on a colour, or should I just leave it white for now? I'm not in a rush to paint it, and I will likely replace the awful yellowish vanity if I can find a replacement for a decent price. It's a secondary bathroom in the basement, so mainly my boys use it when they are playing downstairs, or if someone is outside and needs to use the bathroom, that's the closest one.

It looks beige in this photo:

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It looks yellow on my monitor.

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Elraes Miller

Perhaps play with it using many different colors and fun accessories related to a Loo. Especially since it is the boys and rarely company. A Restore vanity might work. You are right, the colors look tan.

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Try painting the vanity in dark chocolate brown -- along with any wall space .... add silver and dark brown accessories .....

Here is a link that might be useful: Pinterest -- pink and brown bathrooms

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I had the same thought as teacarts: chocolate brown.

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So if you change the lighting in there, would that help? Since it's affecting the photo, maybe it's playing up tints you don't want to see when you're in your bathroom. If that makes sense?

When we moved to my office everything was grey. I love grey, but, it's really bland. In trying to figure out what colors I wanted, I just went and found as many items in as many colors as I could find (it helped when my boss brought his blue sofa and his area rug with a million different colors in it). I was really surprised to see what looked best with it. Do you have a way to put colors next to the tiles and play with it a bit? I like the chocolate brown idea.

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"The conclusion I have come to over the years is that on first glance a small square of tile, paint or wood stain (above) looks warm and neutral. People think, it kind of looks light brown�"that has to be the most neutral colour right? But then when it's all over your floors, you notice (with dismay) that what you actually have is a pink beige floor or wall or sofa.
So if it's in your carpet or tile, fixtures in your bathroom and it's bossing you around, either go so dark with the wall colour that it starts to look indistinguishable or bring in the blue, cream, and/or red so that it looks current."

Another alternative: Navy Blue with brownish red accents.

Now, I know these tiles look more yellow, but I think it would work just as well with the pinkish tiles

Or even a dark bluish gray/grayish blue.


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Thanks all!

There is very little natural light in the room. There is a typical tiny basement window at the ceiling, with a southern exposure, so it does get daylight for a good portion of the day. There is a flourescent light in there now. I've changed light fixtures many times, but I don't know if the flourescent thing adds difficulty or if it's still a simple, black to black, white to white, green to ground. If it's that simple, I can switch it out right away. Or as soon as I find the extra fixtures my Mom had that she sent me. LOL

There is a box of the trim tiles in the furnace room that the previous owners left there, so I'll maybe take those over to the paint store and look at a medium blue and a dark tan. I hesitate to go too dark, but it just might work! Thanks for the idea to paint the cabinet too. The sink is one of those yellowy clamshell shaped things with black pits everywhere. It works, but I don't mind spending a few bucks fixing that up.

Unfortunately our Re-store is sadly lacking in quality items. Or maybe I don't go often enough. I'll check that out too.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I would love to help you, but when it's a question of color, I really need to see the color, but your pics are clearly not an accurate representation. Either take a better pic or perhaps you can find a pic already on line that is more like the color you're seeing in the tile.

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look at BM Pigeon Gray.

Our old house had a pink and purple bathroom. It was The Only color that ever looked good in there.

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We used BM Interlude in our 50's pink tile bath. Its red undertone does well with pinks.

Here is a link that might be useful: BM Interlude

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There is a flourescent light in there now. I've changed light fixtures many times, but I don't know if the flourescent thing adds difficulty

Try changing out the tube for one of a different color temperature.

A "cooler" temperature would minimize the pink tones.

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I have a peachy/pink tile in my hall bathroom - and the Kohler "desert blush" or "desert bloom" fixtures to go with it. I chose a light aqua shade to neutralize it and am trying to work the shell colors theme here at the beach.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

I would get rid of the fluorescent lights completely. We had a lovely soft custom yellow in our stairwell to the lower level. My husband changed the bulb in the light fixture recently to a compact fluorescent. We now have an almost neon yellow with a greenish cast in that stairwell. Ugh. It is too high for me to reach or I would change it back myself. The lighting you choose can make all the difference. Additionally, another type of bulb does not have to be taken to the hazardous waste disposal place when you get rid of it. :)

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I'm slightly scared of electricity regarding flourescent lights. If I knew it was the same as taking down a normal fixture I would. What are the electrical connections like, anyone know? Yeah, yeah, shut off the breaker, but I've never dealt with flourescent tubes before. And there's the whole, what is the ceiling like under that, will it be a big gaping rectangular hole? Cuz that would add a whole other set of problems! LOL

Aqua sounds nice too, kelpmermaid!

Thanks all!

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Not knowing what the flourescent looks like is tough to judge BUT normally there would just be a normal junction box where the fixture is connected and the light is screwed into the ceiling beams. It may mean some drywall patching (no big deal). Shut off the breaker, wiggle the tubes out (that's the big deal because you don't want them to shatter) undo whatever is holding the fixture up. Probably 2 wires and maybe a ground-same as any other fixture. Anything that makes a flourescent a flourescent is contained in the fixture NOT in the wiring.
Easy, peasy. Go for it.

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Cool! Thanks JaysMom!! I'll have to find those light fixtures my Mom sent me and try to get that fixed up then! I'm not in a rush for this, so I'll take my time checking out some paint colours.

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