Is it ok for kids to wear just socks in class??

johnJuly 20, 2001

Is it ok if i let the kids take off their shoes in class as long as they have socks on?

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It is up to the teacher and principal. Probably not a good idea.

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NO. I guess it depends on the age of the child and grade. I teach sixth grade and that is a big DO NOT DO. If I let one student take a shoe off then the rest of the room will follow. Even if we are watching a film I want those students in a chair and paying attention. As a history teacher I show films in my room that I find stimulating. But to a 12 year old its like torture. The shoes come off, the head goes down, and the snoring begins. As a teacher I have lots of pet peeves, but that is supreme. Kids today complain about work like never before. You can give them a group activity, a worksheet, a book assignment, or a project and the end result is always pessimism. Mention using a tv/vcr and they go crazy. They love to watch films for obvious reasons. However, some students see it as leisure time when they do not have to learn. Wrong. I have been through all the phases with this. I have let them sit on the floor, lay down, take shoes off, eat, etc. Yet, it always happens. It happens much less when they are in a chair and not given the opportunity to relax. My rambling has a point. If you give a student the opportunity to make school feel like home, they will take advantage of the situation. Not all, but most. School is not home and should never be construed as homelike. That is what is wrong with kids today. So often they feel that they can get away with everything because mommy and daddy will protect them. It is creating a generation of kids who try and fail once and then whine until someone protects them. Try it again and again and again and ........ Never stop trying to succeed. My biggest fight, and the one I look most forward to each year, is impressing upon students that I am not their daddy. I will not accept lame excuses and I will only protect there interests so far before the fire starts burning them. I will not set them up for an excuse like others. I only want their best. Taking the shoes off is one way to accept less than that.

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Your job as a school teacher is to prepare your students to take their place as responsible adults in the real world. When was the last time you looked and saw an employee at Wall-Mart running around in bare feet as they did their job? Or a lawyer presenting his case in court in socks only? Seen any barefoot mailmen, doctors, waiters lately? No, because it's not appropriate. Besides teaching your academic subjects, it is your responsibility to help your students learn that there's a difference between home and practically everywhere else.

As a cooking teacher, I run into that problem every day--students want to sit on the kitchen tables and counters, or work with hair hanging in their faces, or stick their fingers in bowls of batter to taste it--maybe those things are okay at home, but they ARE NOT sanitary, safe, or mannerly in a large group. Your shoe/sock/foot problem is exactly the same.

Besides the wonderful learning opportunity you're trying to pass up, just stop and think how absolutely dangerous it can be for students to walk around in bare feet/socks only. Broken glass slivers can work their way into a rug, defying even a good vacuum to suck them up--and they can work loose at at time, puncturing tender skin. Or pins, if they've ever been used. And how would you feel if in a couple of weeks all your students parents showed up because they were annoyed at you for allowing a foot fungus epidemic to spread through the class.

It's probably not even legal--all those 'shoes and shirts must be worn' signs on stores are generally there because it's the law to post the signs and require proper dress in public.

Lastly, if none of my logical, reasonable arguments have made a difference to you, consider this--a full landfill on a hot humid day smells better than a kid's sweaty socks that have been encased in thick sneakers for a few hours. Do you really want to asphyxiate yourself and your class?

I really think it's a bad idea and wonder why it's so important to you to post over and over about the same subject, but if you do need approval and serious opinions on the matter, may I suggest that you should be talking to your principal, other teachers and the parents of your students--they're the ones who actually have a stake in this question and whose opinions you should be heeding.

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I guess it depends on the situation. If it was raining and our shoes were wet my third grade teacher use to let us take them off. It never really disrubted learning, and there were actually days where she would teach without shoes because it was more comfortable. She was of course a bit of a bohemian. The classrooom atmosphere was generally laid-back, but she never really had any discipline problems. I guess it depends on the situation.

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Our school requires indoor footwear year round. That way no child has to sit in wet or dirty shoes. The indoor pair stays at school at all times. I can't imagine doing it any other way.

I have never allowed my students to be shoeless. There are fire drills, staples and thumbtacks on the floor, foot fungus/diseases, and general odors to consider. In the process of taking off outdoor shoes and putting on indoor shoes I've had kids step on thumbtacks and it hurts!

I once slipped off my shoes while sitting at a table helping a child, and wouldn't you know it? An unannounced fire drill caught ME unprepared. It only took a few seconds to get them back on, but I set a terrible example, and will never do it again! (The kids did giggle a bit at my plight, and let's face it. I had it coming.)

I've been teaching for eleven years now.

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The teachers should allow boys to slip the shoes off whenever they wear clean socks and do not disturb the class. I think it is up to the students. Boarding schools in Europe let kids to go in their socks. Obviously, they have severe safety procedures, classrooms and playgrounds are carpeted and Children learn to put their shoes in a special rack keeping the order. I think discipline also involves teaching boys the meaning of tidiness, which has nothing to do with relaxing and comfort. Some pupils are carrying to school their own slippers or sandals, that is another simple solution. This way, boys do not ruin their slip-ons or moccasins shoes playing or treading the heels.

On the contrary, in my school, Teachers usually punished restless or naughty youngsters taking their shoes off, so boys in their socks remained seated and quiet, even during the rest of the boys were in recess. Parents agree to this.

In these cases socks must be mandatory for all kids. Ankle White and light socks for boys should be preferred for hygenic reasons.

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This brought back the memory of kindergarten in the 50's - when we changed into slippers for the school day. V.

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Not wearing sport socks, as they tend much more to absorb sweat and give off bad odours, specially after taking physical education.

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When you are at home working an a project, do you always have your shoes on? I always take mine off at home when I am doing written work, artsy stuff, etc. At every other non-teaching job I had there were times in which people kicked their shoes off. People forget that school is the real world. There is an effort to separate the two. Being in a classroom with same age peers, usually sitting in rows, having to be quiet all day is one of the most un-natural things a child has to do. Can nude feet be worse than those things. Whenever the discipline arguement arises I always cringe. If the teacher's lessons were interesting, bare feet would not be a distraction. Especially if the teacher has created a comfortable learning environment. For classrooms in which bare feet are a problem, if it wasn't barefeet causing a problem, it would just be something else. As I sit here I can see my toes, maybe my grammer will be better on my next post if I wear my shoes.
Now that fire drill thing, hmmmmm...

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The floors in the school I teach in are all clean and carpeted, and I allow students to take off their shoes and socks and go barefoot if they so wish. It helps them to relax and not be so tense in class, because it feels more like they are at home. I have three daughters aged 12, 15 and 17, and in the house and garden we are always all barefoot. We do not wear socks or shoes unless we are going out, and even when we do go out, we normally wear sneakers without socks and slip them off whenever we sit down in a shop or cafe. Children like to feel things under their bare soles, and most of the break times at my school the children on the field often kick off their shoes or socks, and in indoor and outdoor PE lessons children are required to go barefoot. It is fine.

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I think its alright. In my high school, lots of the girls i knew would slip their shoes off at their desks, and most of the time the teachers wouldnt say anything. Most people didn't walk around without shoes though, cuz then some teachers would tell them to put their shoes back on, but when we were at our desks, the teachers really didnt mind.
If I was a teacher, I would tell my students that it's ok if they wish to be barefoot or in socks at their desk, but if they have to get up for anything, to please put them back on. This way it's safe, and they can be comfortable, and if you get people who keep getting up without shoes, then I would make them keep their shoes on all the time.

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Boys adore socks, so the teacher used to stop the class after three or four hours of lessons when the students seemed to be very tired. In order to make breathing exercises and relaxing, she asked the kids to rest lying on the floor without shoes for ten minutes! There even was jokes and games. I remember a contest in which the Children wearing the cleanest and nicest socks were awarded. I consider that a splendid idea because, once they finished the break, they were willing to resume studies with a different attitude.

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I think, Carrie, that your school must be very unusual. There are very few classes where children are allowed to be barefoot, apart from P.E. Also, the response of most others to this thread indicates that most wouldn't be in favour. Personally, I think it must be great to be in such an environment. I would allow bare feet in class if it was approved by the Head.

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In our 5th grade class there are two boys suffering from flatfoot, so on their arrival at school or after PE they usually have sore feet. The parents awared us that sometimes both boys slipped shoes off and remained just in their socks as they were seated following the lesson. Teachers should let them rest like this. As everybody foresaw, the rest of the children were being distracted looking curiously at their colleagues' socked feet, and that was something to be concerned about.
Pupils lost interest in the boy's socks, and stopped giggling when they were told that they could take shoes off if they wanted to. Most students are doing it ever since and the class is now relaxed and confortable, even during Math sessions. All the children changed their attitute to the teaching process, it is definitely much better. Not a bad idea at all.

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Is it ok for kids to wear just socks in class? My answer would be No, not unless they are in 5 yr. old kindergarten and have to take naps during the day, and resting on their mats they might take their shoes off and expose their socks while resting only.

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I don't think kids exposing their socks in the classroom could cause any serious problem. Normally, sweat of children under 13 year old, is odourless owing to hormonal maturity.
Colored or fancy socks worn by boys are not going to distract lessons, as boys are used to enjoy the class respectfully.

Alternatively, in recess we have an indoor play area where children goes in their socks, so when they come back into the classroom they don't desire to be shoeless.

On the other hand, our head suggest reprimands to high school students, who break the formal environment. Since they are almost adults, they are expected to be sensible and responsible.

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If kids like being in socks, teachers could take advantage of this situation during the class: Boys slipping their shoes off are well-behaved since they release tensions and energy. I don't mean letting shoeless students wander through the school, but kids in their socks at their desks are harmless, unless boys were willing to ruin their own socks.

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I would say no it isn't alright if kids wear just socks in class. Besides the health and smell issues, there are safety issues. What happens if the fire alarm rings. Are the kids going to have time to put on their shoes...No, they need to be up and out of the building asap. In our schools shoes,sneakers or slippers must always be on. It's a good rule. I'm glad we have it. NancyLouise

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YES! Why not? Take them off, have fun and feel comfortable learning! Let the children be children! I happen to know many adults who have jobs where they can go without shoes - it's simply a matter of job! The children have now a 'job' that makes this luxury possible. I take my shoes off at work everyday, but it's normal as I'm an opera singer, and I went barefoot at my wedding last month.

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I always slipped my shoes off under my desk as did many of my fellow students and many of the teachers. I think it is perfectly normal and should be allowed.

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I agree to sha-lyn, kids at their desks keep their shoes under the table ready to be slipped on quickly in case of emergency. No problem.

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Most boys take shoes off in classrooms and libraries because they are not having on the appropiate footwear. This way, boys let their feet rest. The Parent's problem is that socks get dirty.

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Teachers should not repress kids who take shoes off. In my 6th grade class, when boys are out of our sight, slip their shoes off and that is like a game which distracts the student. If kids make themselves comfortable, lessons could be more profitable.

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It all boils down to "Health Code" violation. Depending on where you live, there are probably municipal laws that say you must wear shoes in public buildings. You can't walk into a restaurant or grocery store or courthouse in your socks so you shouldn't be in a school wearing only socks. If your school is accepting ofthis practice, check out your local laws. (Not that I'm for or against it, just a legal point of view!!!)

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At home, boys go around in socks and nobody argues against, keep in mind that in classrooms students spend a least seven hours of hard concentration, so lessons could a little bit more enjoyable if boys kicked their shoes off. Learning science or history would be as natural as being home watching discovery kids tv programmes.

If boys want to learn in socks, the health code or law are unacceptable.
There are many public areas where people are shoeless: I have seen boys slipping their shoes off or wearing only socks on airplanes, in theaters, playgrounds, restaurants and even in classrooms.

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Okay. Is it just me? What is this "boys" crap? It's not just about boys and socks, is it? Isn't it about children and socks? That means girls, too. And I'll repeat, it's not that I'm for it or against it, but I do believe municipal ordinances prohibit it........ If you feel your "boy" will be better educated in only his socks, perhaps you should be homeschooling.

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Socks and barefoot are OK in class.

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Socked Kids in classrooms? It must be funny teaching like that! I think it could be acceptable only if children keep their shoes close or under their seats, just in case of an emergency.

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what is going on with these sock posts? someone has some kind of fetish take it to another board where it is appropriate

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I think it's perfectly ok for boys and girls to attend class in their socks. It provides a more comfortable and relaxed atmosphere which is far more condusive to learning. In fact, I would think it ought to be universal practice.

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I allow my kids to take their shoes off whenever it is appropriate for the situation. And typically throughout the day it is fine. As a matter of fact, I am often found without shoes. I teach severely emotionally disturbed and if my kids are more comfy without shoes then so be it. I haven't worried about fire drills because we typically know of them in advance (due to the nature of our students disabilities).

However, if I taught regular education, I would still allow my children to take their shoes off at certain times.

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NO !!Your taking a risk by letting them take their shoes off. I've seen little feet get slammed by the legs of chairs and desks (accident) and if the children didn't have shoes on there would be damage.

As a teacher, personally, I don't want the liability that comes with letting them go shoeless.

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My teacher made us take off our shoes before entering the classroom. The reason? New carpet! Some of the other classrooms had new carpet that year be in thoese rooms we kept our shoes on.

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A friend of mine sent me a link to this topic. She thought it was a controversial issue.
I don't think its a good idea for kids to be walking around the class in socks. My daughter's socks get dirty enough already from the locker room floor when changing for gym class. Think of the problems that could happen. For example, one day my daughter's class was having a party. One of the games they played was Twister. You're supposed to take your shoes off to play, so thats exactly what they did. When they finished playing, thier shoes got mixed up and my daughter came home with another girl's shoes. I didn't like that. I called the school and let them know that having kids take thier shoes off in class isn't a good idea.

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So uptight. It's not a big deal. If that's what the kids want to do, who cares?

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When I was at primary school we were either allowed to take our shoes AND SOCKS off or keep them both on. Barefoot is obviously more hygenic than socks!

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This is ridiculous! Liability? Preparing for the real world? Risks? Getting shoes mixed up? Distractions? Hygene? Getting caught in fires? You must be joking.

Of course students of any age should be allowed to take their shoes off in class. The principal role of the school is to educate. If being shoeless is most comfortable for the students, then they will learn better.

Do you really think that kids will be distracted from their lessons by the sight of socked or bare feet? Even if they are, it will pass. What's more distracting is having to put up with hot, tight shoes that might be uncomfortable for the student. Once they have their shoes off (if they choose to) and once it has happened with no oposition for a few days then they won't even think twice about it; there will be no distraction.

As far as preparation for the real world goes, in terms of proper footwear for the occasion: I think they will figure that out by themselves. I doubt a lawer (for example) is going to show up to a hearing in bare feet simply because he was allowed to go barefoot in school. He's a lawyer; he's smart enough to know what to wear in "the real world!"

Hygene: Come on, we're not going to be eating off the floor! It's fine.

When is the last time you ever heard of anyone burning alive on account of the extra 2.7 seconds it took him to put on his shoes?

Liability: Trust me, no parent is going to sue the school because their child has a stubbed toe.

If your child cannot even recognize her own shoes...

The bottom line is that people are most productive when they are most comfortable. Let them take their shoes/socks off as they please.

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I think kids need to wear shoes in class...most of the time.

Now if they have a broken foot and can not wear one of their shoes upon their sock on one foot and one shoe on the other is fine. Now if both feet are broken then it is Okey Dokey if they wear socks on both feet -since they will probably be in a wheelchair.

Also if the child is in Kindergarten and the class has to take naps -I think it will be O.K. if they take off their shoes and leave their socks on -as long as their shoes are put in a special place so they can find them later.
This is MY STAND on the Sock Issue :o)

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The fetishist is back.

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Many of you seem to think that "more comfortable" means "better learning". I think there is an error in your reasoning. A student would be even more comfortable lying down, but just try to do your math homework lying down.
As for the original question, I think it depends on "WHY" take off the shoes. For example, it makes sense to take them off to play twister.

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If it is for disipline it would be fine.....every time i use to watch a move in 7th grade they would let ue take our shoes off....(on the last day of school)....

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One class rewarded kids who earned the status of "indepedant learner" with several privilidges - including sock feet, working in the loft or cubby etc. They earned this by getting their work done well, and without needing prodding or constant supervision. It was something to aspire to as the ones who weren't there yet sat near the teacher so that she could help them. Cheap, very effective reward.

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