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goldySeptember 27, 2008

I do business with a company and have not had any trouble.I ordered from them and they automatically take it out of my checking account.Well they took my check and they are now out of business,What do I do?Call the bank?call the cops?or call the FBI?Need your advice quick because I don't want to make a false move.Thanks No I did not get the merchandise.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I would start by calling the bank. I imagine you will need to file paperwork to stop them from taking $$ from your account. You may even have to close the account to prevent them from taking payments from your account in the future.

A friend had to close her account due to a magazine promotion scam. She did not do the math and realize it was a scam until after she had agreed to it.

How much money are you 'out' if you don't mind saying.

You could consider reporting them to the Better Business Bureau, though that wouldn't accomplish much of anything since they went out of business.


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Definitely talk to the bank immediately. Since you do business with them, I assume you ordered something, they took the payment and didn't send the merchandise? If so, you might not have a criminal issue that the police would help with unless they did it to a lot of people. If they went out of business, you may be stuck. For future reference, PayPal is a safety factor for this type of thing.

Talk to the bank and if you think they may try to deduct more from you, make sure it's on record. Make sure you know the person you spoke with at the bank and it's best to talk to them in person. Again, there's a difference if we're talking $10 or $10,000.00.

Oh, and don't be afraid to call the cops. They will tell you if there's nothing they can/will do. That would be better than calling the FBI or other agencies. If the police feel it's major, they'll contact other authorities or tell you which you should consult.

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It was only$130.00 but Afraid they will take more because they have all my information.Will call the bank.Better still I will go to the bank.

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Absolutely go to the bank. Also, be sure to tell them IN WRITING about the problem and that this company is no longer authorized to withdraw any money from any account of yours, and keep a copy of your notice to them and any forms you fill out. You don't want the bank to say they don't have any record of you telling them about this. I'd also close the bank account and open a new one to change the account number - I think it can be tough to stop these automatic withdrawals. I'd also verify with the bank that an automatic withdrawal cannot be transferred to your new account number (and if it can, I'd be switching banks).

I like to use a credit card for orders whenever I can because you have a way to dispute the charge if there's a problem. I just be sure to pay it in full every month. It doesn't solve every problem, but I feel like I've got a little more recourse with a credit card.

I wish I had a good suggestion on how to get your $130 back! I don't think there's a way to "stop payment" on a withdrawal like there is on a check, but maybe someone at the bank will have an idea.

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Thanks for your help.Monday morning bright and early I will be at the bank.It's best to be safe than sorry.

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Let us know what happens. Good luck!

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I spoke to my granddaughter and she calmed me down.She said"grandma it's a ECheck"and they are safe.They can not take money out of your account again unless you authorize it.As for your merchandise You might be out of it unless I file a claim.From now on I will use my credit card because they will make "good".If they don't except credit someone told me "pay Pal" is good.If that don't work I will just have to learn to live without.You might have guess what I was trying to buy.Ciggaretts.Should give it up Bad for your health and too expensive.

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Hi Goldy,

I applaud your opinion that it'd be a good idea to give up cigarettes.

I'm not fussy about becoming a slave to a person ... much less to a little white tube filled with dead leaves. To which, some claim, a number of addiction-engendering substances may have been added.

Think how much the skilfully invested savings would enable you to retire early, should you choose to!

Or, if retiring at the normal time, having funds to travel, learning about the world, go on cruises, or indulge in other money-eating hobbies, as you might choose, without being nearly so much pocketbook-constrained.

Or help fund your kids'/grands' extended education with much less stress ... or even some for yourself, to enable you to keep up with the rapidly-changing employment/lifestyle times.

Should you decide to embark on that stressful adventure ... I recommend Many who join the forums there have found sound advice, friendship, support and understanding from other quitters there. Quite a few have said that they doubt that they could have pulled it off, lacking the support that they received there.

Good wishes to you and yours, whatever you choose.

ole joyful

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Start with the bank and police dept. as you have planned.

After that:

If the company does business across state lines, report this to the FTC (Federal Trade commission).

If the company uses the mail (all of them do) report to the Postmaster General of the Post office.

Report to your state office of consumer affairs.

Depending upon how involved you want to get, you could also alert the consumer reporters at your local newspaper, radio stations and TV station.

Good luck. Hope you can prevent the funds from being taken from your account.

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Went to the bank and they took care of everything includeing the $130,Said not to worry.Thanks all

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