Save money by winning stuff!

flowerchild_2008September 14, 2008

Hey guys, I don't know about you all but in all my spare time i like to enter competitions... magazines, supermarket and instore, online...anything to win some free stuff! :) If i win useful stuff i keep it, and anything else i usually give to the family. If I win toys or games they make great christmas pressies for the grandkids!

Does anyone know any good competitions going on at the moment?

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What are your skills? What sort of competitions are you looking for? I know of a few smaller magazines that hold photography competitions. I've seen some writing competitions once and a while offered in local magazines and even drawing and painting competitions. I think all the local alternative city papers everywhere offer competitions of some sort.

Liquor companies often have drink recipe contests. There was just recently this week a competition to name a newly installed dance studio in my area along with a poetry writing contest for the grand opening. Food manufacturers often offer recipe competitions using their products. Most just have you send in the recipes and they are tested but one very well known recipe competition off promoted by Pilsbury requires that the finalists fly to MN to create their recipe before judges. State fairs are loaded with all sorts of competitions from flower arranging, baking, naming a newborn animal, designing posters, growing veggies, dance, rap, ect.

What exactly are you looking for? I mean there is no sense in telling a person about a photography competition if they do not even own a camera.

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I've entered a few competitions - won nothing.

I've taken some surveys ...

... spent cumulatively quite few hours doing it.

Winnings so far?


ole joyful

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Same here Ed! I do better asking for free samples from company websites. Which BTW are great when you find yourself out of shampoo! Out of headache pills, toothpaste, face creams etc. And yes, I bring home the toiletries from hotels rather than toss them half used.

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Often times a person with a skill, but no academic training or job experience, can win a competition and go on to find employment in the field. Television networks have competitions all the time but you have to be good enough to become one of the 10-15 finalists, out of tens of thousands of entrants, and then go on to win.

Contestants and winners of the Miss America pageant and similar ones, often go on to have careers in modeling, newscasting, singing ect.

I wish the OP would share what competitions she has won.

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I think the OP was talking about contests. Her profile says she's from Australia; they probably use the term competition instead of contest.

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