Alphabet fonts

perk2February 23, 2005

I am looking for alphabet letters that look like they are made with twigs or branches. Could anyone help me locate them? I have searched till I can search no more. LOL THANKS FOR ANY HELP.

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What about this?

Or this?

Or these fonts?

I looked up leak and font for the last one.

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Thanks Adella but that's not it. I am looking for the letters to be made with twigs or sticks. Those were nice but not what I was looking for. Thank you so very much for taking the time to bring those to me. I appreciate it.

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I have this font on one of my scrapbook lettering programs (LD Supreme). I bought it from a website called lettering delights, but I just checked and it doesn't look like they offer it anymore. It's not a true type font so I can't send it to you.

If this is what you need, and just need a title or something spelled out, I'd be happy to type it up and send it to you in a jpg file. Just send me an email through "my page" here.

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If you want to e-mail me, I can send you this font...

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This site has a huge selection of free alphabets. It has been one of my favorites for years.

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