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deee_gwJuly 27, 2014

Part of my job is analyzing web pages and websites for a search provider.

I am continually surprised by the number of people on this forum who use Photobucket and seem to not realize how much of their information is available to someone who randomly clicks a photo that they post, I have seen full names, addresses, children's photos, etc.

Even if you set your albums as private, often other parts of your account are not private The most disturbing thing I see is people using their real name on their account. It often shows up plain as day when anyone clicks an album..

I don't think anyone here has evil motives but it does pay to be careful. There have been instances on this forum where there is a spat and a user has escalated it off the forum. Double and triple check when you post a photo to be sure that you aren't revealing information that you would prefer to keep private.

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Great information and something I don't think most forum users know because they don't see the information on the photo accounts. I belong to another forum and was surprised when I clicked on a photo, it gave the name of the person and address where the photo was taken. The picture showed her little girls and it just made me cringe knowing anybody now could see where those little girls lived. The account doesn't have to be Photobucket, but it does seem to be that cell phones and iPads give up the most information on the picture. However, you can change the settings on these devices so that it won't give your name and address. Anyway, thanks for the reminder, I wish there was a better way to get the news out there.

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I also want to add that when you check what you are revealing with a photo to keep clicking. Click the photo, click the album, click the account info, look at the URL.
If your photo is private but your album name is JaneDoe or 123mynew houseaddress, that may show up in the URL.

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I just use two different accounts.

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Thanks, deee. Mine are all marked private. Does that mean if I post a photo here and someone clicks on it, they can only see that one photo or can they see the entire album?

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I can't find where the settings are anymore to check. I had to send something to a friend this week and can't tell if she got more than intended.

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Just did that the other day when someone posted the link to their PB album.

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Photobucket is as bad as Facebook with their hidden settings.

I don't presume to be an expert but I can walk you through the privacy settings. My main concern is single uploaded photos in a post that inadvertently lead back to your account. If you WANT people to see an entire album or your account, adjust your settings accordingly.

-First, click your user name in the upper right hand corner.

-Under Album settings, there is an *easy linking mode* and a *link back mode* that you should uncheck.

-Save your new settings (on the bottom of the page).

-Still in Album settings, go into the privacy settings on the bottom or click the privacy tab. They go to the same place.

- I would check the box that removes location info

This next part is something set up to block hackers from going through your account. You can search Photobucket fusking if you want to read about the vulnerability.

-I would use the file name scrambling. Check the box for future uploads.

-If you have things on you have old uploads on your account that you REALLY don't want people to see, click the link for *previous uploads scrambling*. It will scramble the link urls but also mess up all your old links.

-Save your new settings.

-There is another album privacy block on this page (I don't know why). It is on the very bottom. I would click the *make all albums private* section. You will get a pop up to confirm.

-Under the apps tab, there are three apps that you have automatically given access when you signed up for PB. i would remove the permissions.

- I don't see any privacy issues with the notifications or mobile tabs but check to see if you are comfortable with those sections.

Finally, if you want to delete your account and start over, go to the account tab and scroll to the bottom to click to delete.

Phew. Hope this is helpful!

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Thanks, deee. I had gotten most of those last night but I had missed the "make albums private" tucked down at the bottom. Glad you pointed it out.

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For some reason, my setting of Private seems to switch off periodically and I have to go back and re-set it. I've sent emails to PB and always get the reply "go to settings and click on Private". I think someone here or on a travel forum I frequent alerted me once that they could look through my entire album. Not that there's anything that people shouldn't see but still.

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Photobucket is anything but transparent about the settings necessary to make your account private. It's in their best interest to offer unfettered access to as many photos as possible. Their interface is clumsy as well. I switched to a paid accounts only site many years ago (smugmug) and have been glad I did.

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Oh my gosh, I am blown away by the sneaky ways PB has made our accounts so accessible! I'd made my albums private when I started with PB, but had no idea about the other ways "in". Thanks so much Deee for taking the time to walk us through this!

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What would be the easiest way to post photos here without using photobucket?

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Thanks for the great and helpful info!

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Thanks Deee, I printed that out to work my way through.

Between this new computer with Windows 8, PB changing and hiding things, plus having to use it to post deceased DH's boat on Craigslist, I'm having quite the time. Thanks, much. Sandy

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