Writing Punishment

davedjJuly 9, 2006

I think that writing punishment, especially lines, is an extremely effective punishment and should definately be used, particularly when other methods of discipline have been tried without success. People who say it doesn't work or that it serves no purpose have obviously either never tried it and never received it. Moreover, I don't buy the highly speculative (and, frankly, rather PC) argument that writing punishment makes kids not want to do academic writing assignments. Indeed, writing lines seems to me to be particularly effective because it is not academic. Rather, it is unambiguously punitive in nature. In addtion, the punishment is miserable for the kid, but easy for the teacher to check.

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This isn't one of my regular "stops" when I visit THS. But It's fun to see what's goin' on with parents/kids/schools.

I received the writing punishment for talking in class after two warnings. I can't remember what I was SUPPOSED to write because I wrote something to this effect: "This is unfair and I'll write this instead." I wrote it out, in perfect, Palmer method penmanship with my "cartridge pen". I fulfilled the punishment and made my sentiments well known.


It didn't kill me, let alone my spirit! and had I been told to do it again I'd've told the teacher to "pound sand". And this brings up an interesting point... I was a good kid. I was polite, did my work, but I always chafed at draconian disciplinary tactics. It wasn't "fair" and I damn well knew it... and I had NO trouble voicing my sentiments politely.

How do those of you who are teachers deal with kids like that?

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