Cheap uniform tops? More expensive? What to do?

homersgardenJuly 19, 2007

My son starts Kindergarten this year and will be wearing white tops for his uniform. My question is do I go with more expensive tops that have stain resistant stuff (Gapshield at $15 a top) or a cheaper brand (Target at $5). What would you suggest? Experience?

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I'd go with the cheaper shirts. If you have dirt and stains, scrub with a Fels Naptha bar or give a good soak in Biz or Oxyclean. Moms have been doing this for years without paying 3X the price for shirts.

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the more expensive kind will last longer

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It may last longer, but kids grow too fast. I go with Socks12345....cheaper shirts and a Fels Naptha bar (usually found on the TOP shelf in the laundry aisle of WalMart or the grocery store....and mine lasted for a long time!)


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If you line dry and wash on a gentle cycle, even inexpensive uniform tops will last longer. Buy 100% cotton, poly blends pill and stain.

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