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ArkansasgardenboyJuly 31, 2002

Seems I have always loved baseball. It seemed I had rather listen to a game as play it when I was a kid. We use to listen to the games in the l950's on a battery radio. I was real young at the time. We got electricity out to our home just before I started school. So I have seen alot of changes in my lifetime.

The game of baseball is still the same in many ways. I have seen many players come and go. Many of the ones we use to listen to and watch on TV have passed away. (We did finally get a TV before I graduated high school.) Ted Williams and Darryl Kyle were great players. One of the old generation and one of the new generation. I was fortunate to enjoy both players and times.

So what is great about baseball is it lives on.. in memory of great times and great players and the game goes on.. not only on the field, as well, off the field in our hearts and minds..

It is good to go to the game to be reminded of the past, present, and future of baseball.

I just love this game... How about you?

Thanks for the memories....and for the opportunities....

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.ndll.org/Ballgame.html

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Cool link. What wonderful childhood memories that brings back!
I grew up in the 1970s in Ohio and a fan of the Cincinnati Reds... Big Red Machine... Pete Rose and Johnny Bench... We used to go to Riverfront Stadium, my brother and I, our parents, grandparents and even, occassionally, great-grandparents. My brother was the little leaguer, and a die hard Johnny Bench fan, his boyhood hero. He was just so sure that if he took his glove to every game, one of those times Johnny Bench himself was going to ask him to play!

So, yup, for me,too, childhood, family, summer and baseball... they all go together!

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Stephanie in TN - I grew up in the same time, and was a HUGE Big Red Machine fan. I really looked up to Johnny Bench and Pete Rose, too. Poor Pete let us down! We lived 2 hrs from Cincinnati (Portsmouth) so we only went to one game a year at Riverfront, so it was a BIG, BIG deal when my dad took my brother and I to a Reds game. My dad is a general contractor and when I was in elementary & middle school, he took my brother and I to job sites with him (while my mom worked). He always listened to the Reds On Radio w/Marty Brennaman (sp?). I have great memories of that. I went to college with Marty Brennaman's son Tom - he was a JERK! I used to think how could such a great guy like Marty have such a stuck-up snob for a son.

DH and I don't make it to the Reds much any more - once or twice a year & haven't been at all this year. I do like Barry Larkin & Ken Griffy Jr, they've really brought the Reds back to some of their 70's glory. After the 1st players strike I lost interest in baseball, and if they strike again I'll never attend another game.

AKGardenboy, thanks for bringing back good memories.

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How about some baseball poetry? What do you think of, "Casey At Bat"?

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.csh.rit.edu/~kenny/poetry/casey.html

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