Geriba Granite question plus picture of kitchen with it

luvpatch2May 14, 2011

Can someone tell me if Geriba Granite and Geriba Gold granite are the same granite ? I have to change from the Copper Canyon I was going to go with and am now looking at Geriba. I see pictures of slabs of what seems to be about the same granite but with both of those names. Does anyone have a finished kitchen with the Geriba granite? Thanks so much. Its anxiety provoking picking a granite.

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Hi, these types of granites are intrusive formations which showcase the myriadal ways the veining can occur. No two slabs are ever the same with many variances from one slab to the next even when cut from the same block. More importantly is to choose a granite you like and can live with as a central feature in your home. The grade and quality of finishing from the slab processor should be your foremost concern followed by the worksmanship of your selected fabricator/installer, rather than proper name classification. Moreso, because the stone industry suppliers and fabricators rename the stones to create an aura of exclusivity for the consumer and confusion for their competitors. Hope this helps!

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Ignore the names and pick a slab you like.

The names are not like paint colors, it's marketing. Some distributors add the "Gold" to indicate that it's a goldish granite.

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hi luvpatch,

Here are some pix of my geriba - though not in a finished kitchen - hope it helps!

I love it!

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