Possible government, charitable foundation grants many issues

joyfulguyAugust 4, 2003

I've received via internet some offers of e-books offering lists of some thousands of types of issues for which one may qualify for grants and gifts from a wide variety of government departments and quite a large number of charitable foundations.

Not being a U.S. person, I knew that such government grants were out of my league.

Many charitable foundations' offers are mainly for U.S. residents, as well.

My daughter, a U.S. resident and recently become unemployed, might have a larger interest.

I'm well aware that there's a great deal of hype surrounding much of the stuff offered as e-products and services via the internet.

Have some of you subscribed for the information on these subjects? Was the information helpful? Was there enough of it worthwhile to justify the investment?

Have some of you found that such information may be available at no cost (except time surfing) if one looks in the right places on the internet?

Is the search a major task?

Thanks for help that you may be able to offer.

Have a week that's memorable for happiness, worthwhile accomplishment - and some time with family and friends.

ole joyful (enjoying retirement)

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I'm not sure what all is offered out there. I just assume most of it is a scam and leave it at that. There is a person named Mathew or Matt Lesko who advertises books filled with free money on tv. I've always heard that there is money for grants, etc., that is never claimed. Out of curiousity, I've looked for them at the local library, but they are always checked out. I don't have the patience to put my name on the waiting list.

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My Grandma (who lived with us after Grandpa died, my Mom got sick, and who died in 1950) used to say,

"Patience is a virtue,
... possess it if you can,
seldom found in woman,
... never found in man".

Some patience in this case might pay off for you.

On a bit of a different topic, there are some people who set up the "foundmoney" system to alert people to money that may be owed to them that they aren't aware of.

Quite a bit of that info is available free - if one knows where to look.

But just how much more info they have to offer than we usually find at no cost (except surfing time) I don't know.

Good wishes.


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