Cutlery insert for wide drawer?

eleenaMay 1, 2013

Those of you who have 30"-42" drawers, which cutlery/utensil inserts did you get?

Both Rev-a-Shel and Hafele stop at 21" wide and are insanely expensive. My drawers are 36", inside bottom width ~31". Getting 2 15" inserts for $96 each seems crazy to me, especially that I have two drawers.

Could you suggest a different one or show me yours?

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What about using Lee Valley dividers to make your own? Very cheap and you customize it exactly to your drawer size and contents.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread with pics

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I bought mine at Marshall's Home Goods, Ross and one from Bed Bath & Beyond. My widest drawer is not that wide, but you will pay a premium for the wide inserts, so why not use a pair of the more standard size ones? Mine were all $10-20 for wood. I grew up with the Rubbermaid ones and never thought twice about them, but love the wood ones.

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Hi eleena,
the site below has made-to-order inserts. They also stop at 22", but list the price as HTH,

Here is a link that might be useful: Made to fit inserts

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There is a cabinet maker in Georgia that does custom sized cutlery and spice and other inserts, quite cheap. I haven't ordered from him yet (just about to get into the new remodel in another month or so), but I get a Lemans Pullout from him.

If the e..Bay link doesn't work after a while, just search there for items listed by seller "woodhollow".

I think he must have a CNC machine which will go and cut the pieces for him from a CAD drawing.

Here is a link that might be useful: custom sized cutlery inserts

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I use mesh baskets that I got at Bed, Bath and Beyond. They are wonderful! I have larger sizes in the utensil drawer.

I will be getting a lot more of them after my remodel, since I'll have a lot more drawers to organize. One drawer will have a knife insert.

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Bed, bath and beyond also have expandable bamboo inserts. That's what I have and they work great. What's nice about them for me is the colour of them is quite a good match to the interior of my drawers which is maple.

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Eleena -
I used a combination of items.
Rev-a-shelf for my flatware - but the drawer is only 21 inches. I used a knife block for the other 21 inch side.
For my really big drawers - I used bins made by Made Smart - I took the drawer measurements and created a jig saw puzzle in BBB. I have modified the bin set up but still like them.
Knife and flatware drawers

Gadget drawer

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Thank you, you are the best!

I liked all the solutions, now I have decide which way to go. :-)

I have one question though. I went to Lee Valley website and couldn't find any inserts, just ready-made trays - and pretty expensive too.

Does anyone have a link to the inserts?

Thanks again!

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Try this

Here is a link that might be useful: Lee Valley drawer dividers

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I wanted a quick and easy reconfigurable solution so I used bamboo inserts sold at Lowe's. I found that in the way I organized them, they did not use up all the space to the back of the drawer. But I was able to use some wine corks (slightly trimmed) in the back to keep them in position which still let me use the very back space.

Here is a link that might be useful: bamboo inserts

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My general approach to organizing drawers anywhere (kitchen, bathroom, dressers) is to go to the Container Store, bring home everything that looks like it might be useful, try different things until I get the right configuration and then return what I don't need. I can't swear that this is the cheapest approach to the problem, but the store has a big selection and a very nice return policy.

Depending on the stuff in the drawer, sometimes I can't quite figure out ahead of time what I'll need but need to actually get the various inserts or trays or whatever into the drawer with the stuff and try it out. (A drawer that's mostly for flatware is easy. A big drawer for many different kitchen tools, gadgets and utensils of varying sizes is harder for me to figure out ahead without actually doing it.)

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Thank you, itsallaboutthefood!

Marcia, we don't have a Container Store. :-(

Yes, I live on Mars - or it feels that way, at least. :-)

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After careful consideration :-), I decided to go with bamboo trays from BBB as I needed them "yesterday" and didn't have time to order from custom-makers or play with LV or Lowe's dividers. (But I'm going to use the dividers for my bedroom cabinets, so thank you for the links.)

With 20% off coupons, it came to $44 per each drawer - still very economical and they look amazing.

I never knew I could be this organized! LOL. In the old kitchen, all I had was two 18" drawers but the cabinets were framed, so the inside dimensions were a lot smaller. My two new 36" frameless drawers feel almost indecently spacious, LOL. Isn't easy to be organized with the right tools? :-)

Thank you everybody for your help!

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Eleena - my drawers make me look organized even if I am scattered - It is nice to open the drawers and say - I can be organized!
Have fun!

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