Online source to check correct grammar?

ginjjJuly 27, 2006

This sentence sounds wrong to me. I'd like to know if it is indeed incorrect grammar. "Please phone me back." I think it should be "please call me back."

Does anyone know of an online source to check grammar? Microsoft Word doesn't indicate it is wrong.



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There seems to be several. I don't have time to look them over.

I know it's too late But what about "Please return my phone call."

Here is a link that might be useful: Online grammar checkers.

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I read the novel until chapter 9 and IÂm looking forward to finishing it because itÂs really nice. The passage I have chosen is about something happened to Mma Ramotswe in the early hours of the morning. It comes from chapter 8, "A Conversation with J. L. B. Matekoni ", page 91, "In the early hours of the morningÂ" to "Âthe cooker winked on and off at her 3:04; 3:04". I chose this passage because IÂm a person who likes to read thrill stories. Furthermore, I found it interesting and full of suspense. Besides the reason of choosing it, the most thing I like about this passage that it makes you use your imagination while reading those few lines. Also, the passage shows the relation between the case of the missing child and between Mma RamotsweÂs fear which made her imagine that someone was calling her name and that shows how much she was scared and worried about the case of the missing child besides the witchcraft story. In addition, I liked the way that the passage makes us wonder whether she was dreaming or not. I think that imagining things didnÂt really happen is a normal thing if you were afraid and worried about important things. Finally, thank God that I havenÂt been in such a situation, but I had a nightmare that was similar to the passage I have chosen in a different way.

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