School is tough for some US kids

harry123456July 17, 2008

Cameron Kaeding had forgotten his school ID card, for the seventh time this year. The junior had to wait to get his lunch because students without their ID cards are served last.

From last year, Cameron''s school, Cheektowaga Central Middle School in New York began to get tough on students.

Students can be barred from after-hours games, dances, plays and sports if they have poor grades or teachers say they have a bad attitude.

A poor grade is any grade below 65. There are social rules about nearly every minute of the day, from riding the bus to using the bathroom.

The students can only come back if they show improvement on weekly progress reports filled out by their teachers.

Cameron has also been kept from a pep rally and two dances because of his poor grades in math and social studies. "It''s horrible," he said. "I think it''s going a little too far because kids aren''t perfect."

"I''d like to go to a normal school," said Anthony Pachetti, 12, who has been barred from activities for failing math, science and social studies. "It''s not doing anything for me and just taking everything away."

But there are also supporters of the policies, both parents and students.

Sondra LaMacchia''s 14-year-old daughter Cortney was barred from a school dance because of poor grades.

"I have told her to study harder," said Ms LaMacchia. "Now the message is much clearer when she has to watch her friends dance."

Ellen Pieroni, 13, an eighth grader, had thought she might boycott a dance in December because her friends could not go. But now she says that she supports the policy. "I think they get lazy and don''t do the work," she said.

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Could these tougher rules be in response to "No Child left behind"?

I'm just thinking they may be using tougher policies to try to motivate students.

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Things like that have always been going on around here for a number of years. I don't believe it is because of the no child left behind law but I could be wrong. I really don't see anything wrong with the rules you listed. What I see a problem with is some kids are better off in after school activities instead of being at home in a bad environment. Not sure what to do about it though if there rules like that, which I also agree with.

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Consequences for their actions. Such a good lesson and motivator. I would be a supporter.

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I don't see ANY problem with this... actually I like it... if you don't perform you don't get to play ... works for me...

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I think parents should be enforcing rules like this anyway without the school's/government's help.

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My sons' middle school has similar rules:
1. Kids can't go to dances or on field trips if they have had a detention that week.
2. To try out for a school sports team, the student has to take a paper to all their teachers & have the teacher fill out the grade they are getting & a statement about the kid's attitude. Once it's filled out, the parents have to also sign it and turn it in to the coach on the first day of try-outs.
3. The 8th graders have a 4 day trip to Washington DC in May. If a kid gets a total of 5 detentions, fails any class or is suspended/expelled for any day, the kids is barred from the trip.

I have 2 boys in the school & thank goodness, they are good kids with great grades so I don't worry about the rules at all. My 6th grader had one detention for not turning in homework for a week straight - that solved that problem, he hasn't missed any homework since!

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true some of the lesser consequences are good for many of the students, however when the admin goes overboard te consequences get ridiculous, and i rather like the fact that you cant play sprts or participate in stuff if youre failing as you need to focus on your acadmeics first, but for instance
not long ago i was walking out of school(im 17, 6'3 and rather pysically me , im a senior), and as im about to walk out the door to go to my ride, a cop comes out and asks me to come back in the i had already lefy but i thought it was something important, i was wrong

apparently one teacher had seen me with my miami ink shirt on instead of my uniform shirt, and she freaked, and sent a cop to get me.....while i was off campus
they wanted me to do community service of an intervention program......or my shirt, off the school grounds

needless to say, i refused and after presenting my case, they left me that was stupid, and thats the kind of stupidity that i dont want in punishment related to academic activities, if the punishment is well founded due to failure or such then i support it, but i dont support the level of "moron" it took for that teacher to bother me like that....totally uncalled for

im sorry , im babbling now, my bad

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This is a topic we are passionate about. As the parents of 4, grandparents of 13, we're glad to see some cause/effect for students' actions. Want to go play? Quit forgetting your ID, duh!! EARN the privilege of after school activities..... What a concept! Too many spoiled brats, too many mommies/daddies that demand a teacher GIVE their kid "self esteem" by brushing away poor performances. Such balderdash!

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