strange school rules around the world

harry123456July 17, 2008

EVERY school has its own set of rules to keep students disciplined . The rules change from one school to another. Some schools are much stricter than others. There are also some rules that look strange or funny to us. Here are some funny school rules:

Tough Japanese rules

Most schools demand that students wear uniforms, such as sports suits or skirts. But many Japanese schools even regulate the colour of underwear ! They also demand that girls' white socks be folded in a certain way and boys' heads be shaved .

Other Japanese schools tell students that they may not date, go to movies, leave home after sunset or play video games without permission from the school.

Different shoes in US

For safety at some US schools, students must have a pair of indoor shoes to change into at school every day. This makes sure students won't fall over on the slippery floors and keeps the schools clean.

Gum chewing is not allowed in many US school buildings, as it is difficult to clean up. And if students chew gum in class, they may not focus on their study.

No strange hair in UK

Strange hairstyles are not allowed in some British schools. But they might allow students to wear certain hairstyles during the World Cup years. Two students had a special design shaved into their hair during 2002 World Cup. But they were not accepted by their school after that because the school said the rules changed since then.

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Where did you find these rules? How bizarre that the Japanese tell their students what colour underwear they should wear.

I know many private schools in Australia that also do not allow strange hairstyles, particularly boys' schools where the students hair must not be longer than a certain length. Private schools are pretty tough all around though.

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Its not bizarre that a school tells a student what color underwear they must wear.

A lot of jobs have rules about underwear color for their employees.

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i know, a lot of the japanese school rules in particular are pretty unbeleiveable, but theyd be so hard to enforce i dont really see any weight to them, still....too much regulation

the school doesnt own you, you just learn there, y'know

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