Is this how stucco is supposed to be?

rbkrazyJune 18, 2011

My house was built in the 50's before wall insulation was standard in my area (Fresno, Ca). I am in the process of adding insulation to each room and have started on a room that was built onto the house years before I bought it (with permits).

The previous rooms that I did this too, after I removed the drywall, there was an exterior board type material. When I started to pull down the drywall on the addition, there is only a paper material and then stucco. I am just wondering if this is okay or if its supposed to have the same board material? If it is, then does that mean I need to have someone come in and redo the exterior walls?

Thank in advance for anyones help!

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The material is one of the standard wire lath material presently used.

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Thanks for the answer.

I understand the material, but I thought there was supposed to be some kind of sheathing or plywood between the paper and the interior like the rest of the house?

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50's houses that are stucco in california used diagonal bracing,(let-in) instead of solid plywood or osb bracing that is common today. The lathing process over the studded walls typically has wire backing strung stud to stud, followed by buiding paper, followed by lath wire,(chicken wire) and nailed off with furring nails. Flashings and weep screeds were used similar to what is used today. Once the scratch/brown coat is on and cured, that is the strength of the wall claddin so there is no reason for you to worry about backing inbetween the studs. Your only concern is if you spot areas that show signs of leaking, (usually it will be stained areas) where you can address those issues while you have the cavaties open.

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Thanks sierraeast... that makes a lot of sense.

Must appreciated!

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