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FlowergirlDeb2July 27, 2002

Hi everyone! I had an idea...I thought that we could share some of the school supplies that are being requested for our kids, and maybe pass on some places to get DEALS, watch sales, etc. I'd start with my list, but it's not within reach and I thought it was!!:( I'll check back tomorrow!!

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The easiest time I ever had shopping was
They had everything, no hunting around through crowds or waiting in lines to pay, and it was delivered to my door. I didn't have to shop with children, didn't end up buying things not on my list. I even ended up getting free shipping and $10 off just because they didn't have one little item in stock and sent it separately a few days later! They even called me on the phone to tell me that. It was easy, good prices, and service was awesome.

My boys aren't particular about designs, plain colors are fine with them especially if they don't have to shop. Works for me! We used to do school uniforms at their old school,! I didn't leave the house to school shop. I still think I can get away with that.

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At my sons' school, you just send in $15 at the beginning of the year and the teacher buys all the supplies for the class. I LOVE IT!

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At the end of the school year they send home the suppy list for the next year with the kids. The PTP does a fundraiser and you can pre-purchase the supplies and they get delivered on the first day of school.

My only complaint is the expense. I spent $97 on supplies for 2 kids. Ouch. But it beats going to 3 different stores with 3 kids in tow to get all the items on the list (and saving maybe $5).


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K-Mart has the best prices right now parents!:) I usually recieve a list with the last report card, but this year they didn't send one! Plus I have a kindergarden kid starting, and though I have already been there, I FORGET all he needs!!:)
Momma are LUCKY! I think our school does have a special program for the kids who don't have the money for supplies, but the PTA quit the program for any parent to be able to purchase at registration last year. Which it's great that they offer it at all!
I'll keep up as often as I can! I've never been to Staples...but I heard they are good too. I also need some supplies for ME!!!:) I start school a week before my kids do!

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Walmart seems to be the place for the less expensive school supplies. Usually starting two weeks before school starts, Walmart has a wonderful sale on almost all the school supplies. Such as Elmers school glue, which is 5 for $1.00. Crayola crayons are .20 cents for a pack of 16. But the best the packs of filler paper for .25 cents a pack. For both college and wide ruled. More often than not, there is NO limit!!! Check your local newspaper inserts. Not all the great buys are put in the paper though. To beat all the waiting in line, go early, when the store opens.

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The second grade teachers at my son's school bought the supplies also. I gave $20 at the beginning of the school year and they replaced supplies quarterly or as needed. I sure wish they would all do that in elementary school.

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I should qualify my post above - only the kindergarten teacher buys the supplies. I have one going into K this year, and one going into 2nd. The 2nd grade teacher sent home a supply list at the end of the year. I went to Family Dollar and found everything I needed, and only spent about $10. They have great prices on school supplies!

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Almost done! Anyone have any unusual supply requests this year????

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Our church puts together "school kits" to send to children in Nigeria. The lists are usually very specific and simple. For example, they ask for a box of 8 crayons. You can't send the box of 24, which are about 20 cents at Wal-Mart. Instead, you have to pay 97 cents for a box of 8! Crazy! Apparently, they must be exactly as they say because when they go through customs, if they do not contain what they are supposed to, they can refuse the entire shipment. Well anyway, last week, I decided to check the Hobby Lobby website before heading to the city and lo and behold, they were on sale for 6/$1.00! We also found notebooks at Wal-Mart for 8 cents each. My mom and I bought about 2 dozen to make 12 kits. We were pretty happy. We are both bargain hunters and were very satisfied with our finds.

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Our Wal-Mart just had the 24 box for .25 each!:) I never think of the craft stores...thanks! Also, I think that what your church is doing is wonderful...maybe next year we could form something similar from the people on this forum??
Anyone think that's doable?:)

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Our schools ask that each student supplies boxes of tissue, paper towels and hand soap. My nieces school had the audacity to put: NO GENERIC BRANDS I think that was pretty nervy.

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I think I just might "forget" and send in generic brands simply BECAUSE they said no generic brands. It isn't like the schools (around here anyway) have any recourse if the student doesn't bring in anything. The school simply cannot require money from the parents. Extra curricular activities are another matter, however.

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I think it's pretty gutsy to put "No generic brands" on the school supply list. I can only think of ONE reason- maybe for things like band aids. The generic brands aren't as sticky, which means they fall off and need to be replaced every five or six minutes, making them more trouble than they're worth.

Other than that, I can't think of any good reason! (Although, personally, I HATE using generic tissues when I have a cold, but kids just waste tissues anyway, so they might as well be generic!!) LOL

Last year I found that Target had the best prices. I stocked up on one subject spiral ring notebooks when they were ten cents each!

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epi117, used it to do all my shopping this weekend, also there are a ton of staples coupons 10 off 50 etc floating around in the internet, so do a search for coupons first. if you got to staples or office depot, remember that they will accept each others coupons.

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Great!! Thanks!! :)

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My daughter spent close to $200 in supplies for her two kids - and even at that amount she did not buy the "required" calculators - $40 each and the 3-hole punch, $30.

I would not make a good school parent in this day and age - I would refuse to spend that amount of money buying very specific supplies.

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